Angels In My Hair is the autobiography of a modern day mystic, an Irish woman with powers of the saints of old.When she was a child, people thought Lorna was “retarded” because she did not seem to be focusing on the world around her, instead Lorna was seeing angels and spirits. As Lorna tells the story of her life, the reader meets, as she did, the creatures from the spirit worlds who also inhabit our own – mostly angels of an astonishing beauty and variety – including the prophet Elijah and an Archangel- but also the spirits of people who have died.This remarkable document is the testimony of a woman who sees things, beyond the range of our everyday experience.

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I happened to be looking for an audio book to play on a long trip and was chuffed to discover “Angles in My Hair” in audio book format at the “Works” store. I rarely find anything I like in most high street stores and certainly a book that seems to be raved about at a really fab price of £4.99…after listening to it I realised why.

Setting off on my journey, all excited to hear a personal tale of Angels, something I know in my heart and truly believe in, I started listening. I found the reader Niamh Cusack to be very relaxing as the scene was building. However, I soon became agitated, angry and very disappointed.

I won’t be very popular here with all the avid fans of this book or Lorna Byrne, but I am not here to follow a new fad. Angels are dear to me and I am writing this review from my honest point of view. I listened from start to finish because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It’s not often that I dislike something, but I have to be honest, I wished I hadn’t listened to it.

I was raised a Roman Catholic and recognised the fearful teachings; this book is filled with it, just in a new story format.

For me “Angels in My Hair” shattered any hope of hearing a true personal story of Angel interaction. I feel the story was cast from extreme religious indoctrination coupled with very hurtful experiences and very imaginative story telling skills. One could say a fairy tale, well written but anyone who is exploring the realms of the Angels, if considering listening or reading this book – not to take it as fact but as fiction.

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