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Saturday, 08 January 2011 19:52

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What is Meta-Aromatherapy?

Meta-Aromatherapy is a complete system for healing developed over 15 years of practice. It is a modern approach to the ancient art of aromatherapy, designed to help transform your life. It draws on a range of complementary disciplines to explore the mind-body link and release deeply held negative patterns. Meta-Aromatherapy encompasses a range of holistic therapies for resolution of these patterns: aromatherapy, counselling, specialist hypnotherapy techniques and other natural healing systems including art therapy, reiki, stress management and nutrition advice.

What can it help treat?

Meta-Aromatherapy can be used to treat any condition but is particularly effective with recurring or chronic problems where underlying emotional patterns may be the root  cause of the of the physical imbalance.

A Meta-Aromatherapy Consultation

A Meta-Aromatherapy treatment starts with a full consultation followed by a therapeutic aromatherapy massage, relaxing the body and utillising the healing potential of selected essential oils. The Meta-Aromatherapist then goes one stage deeper, using Grovian hypnotherapy techniques which work with the clients own unique metaphors for their problem. For example, they may see, or sense, a shape, a colour or an image, which the therapist works with until the metaphor - and thus the problem - is resolved.

These techniques access the messenger molecules (or neuropeptides) of the central nervous system and release memories held in the cell structure of the body but do not require a formal hypnotherapy 'trance'. It's a safe, gentle way to approach and release deep seated conflicts, without re-traumatisating the client.

The idea behind Meta-Aromatherapy is to produce optimum health and well being through a comprehensive system of natural healing. Meta-Aromatherapy is a gentle but dynamic transformational process allowing the client to move through any blocks that have been restricting them in life and helping them to achieve there true potential.

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