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Light Touch Therapy

Saturday, 08 January 2011 19:34

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What is Light Touch Therapy?

Light touch therapies are non-invasive and involve very gentle touch on the body. They do not involve pressure or manipulation. The aim is to restore equilibrium in a person and balance both the body and the subtle body - mind, emotions and spirit.

Light touch therapies are very powerful and include many techniques which have proved most effective in overcoming ailments by releasing pain, disease and stress.

These include:

* Alignment Therapy
* Bio-Energetic Medicine
* Bio-Magnetic Touch Healing
* Body Harmony
* Body Mechanics Therapy
* Body Stress Release
* Bowen Technique
* Cranio-Sacral Therapy
* Hyperton-X
* Indian Head Massage
* Health Kinesiology
* Kinesiology
* McTimoney Chiropractic
* Muscle Energy Technique
* Metamorphic Technique
* Polarity Therapy
* Purification Therapy
* Reflexology
* Reflex Zone Therapy
* Reiki
* Rejuvanessence
* Spinal Touch Treatment
* Touch for Health
* Zero Balancing.

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