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Chelation Therapy

Saturday, 08 January 2011 01:13

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What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation Therapy is a very new therapy based upon a series of infusions into the body using a dextrose or saline solution. The active ingredient is ethylene diamine tetra acid (EDTA), a synthetic amino acid which chelates (binds) and eliminates poisonous heavy metals from the body. Tests in the 1950's on workers in battery factories and industrial users of lead-based paints revealed that not only did the EDTA help eliminate poisonous metals but there was a substantial decrease in arterial disease as well.

Where is it available?

Chelation therapy has been widely used in the USA and Germany for the past 30 years. In Germany there are reported to be over 3,000 doctors practising it. here in the UK there are only a handful of clinics that offer Chelation therapy despite the fact that over one third of all deaths are caused by CAD.

How does it work?

EDTA prevents and reduces the production of "free radicals" (rancid fat cells) which cause cholesterol and calcium deposits to form on the artery walls. In one report (1) a 45 year old woman who had had triple by-pass surgery and had to have a leg amputated, said that she later came across Chelation Therapy, it completely changed her life. "I've gone back to work as a switchboard operator and live life to the full." she said after having had 15 treatments. Another report of a 31 year old man stated that after 3 years of total inactivity he was able to go back to running up to 20 miles a week, playing rugby and even lifting weights in a gym. The man stated: "There's only one thing to thank for that - chelation therapy."

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