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Saturday, 08 January 2011 00:47

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What Is Autogenics?

Autogenics is a relaxation technique involving a series of attention-focusing exercises designed to induce relaxation and enhance the body’s self-healing powers. Similar to self-hypnosis and meditation its purpose is to enable people to learn how to put themselves in a relaxed state releasing muscle tension and dealing with anxiety without the need of a trainer or therapists.

How it Evolved?
Autogenic training evolved out of the research of Brain physiologist Oskar Vogt in the 1880’s at the Berlin Neuro Biological Institute. Dr Vogt observed that some patients were able to put themselves in a self-hypnotic state which seemed to have positive effects on their recuperation. Along with his colleague, Korbinian Brodmann, Dr Vogt experimented with a range of self-hypnosis techniques which he found could relieve many stress-related symptoms and diseases. His work provided the inspiration for Johannes Schultz, a Berlin psychiatrist and neurologist to investigate the therapeutic potential of auto-hypnosis exercises from which autogenic training emerged.

Is There Research?
There is a wealth of research data available on the therapeutic applications of autogenics and listed below are summaries of some of the more recent studies. It should be noted that many studies relating to autogenic training also refer to Biofeedback which is a system created out of autogenic training methods incorporating the use of electrical equipment designed to monitor stress levels through respiration rates, skin temperature and blood flow.

For more details see the British Autogenics Society Website

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