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Rebalancing our Earth's Energies

Friday, 18 March 2011 21:33

Written by Unknown

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Just imagine: if enough people prayed, imagined, visualised and focused on rebalancing our earth’s energy systems, we might be able to energetically assist a rebalancing of earth pressures, stresses and climate change.

We pray and send our thoughts and energies when a disaster happens, as now in Japan; what we also need to do is to focus on global rebalancing, as focusing on the local disaster alone might only cause further imbalances.

If the power of focused positive thought and prayer (energy) could affect the delicate balance of the intricate weather systems, structural stresses and climate around our planet (energy systems) then it has to be through rebalancing and harmonising these energies as a whole.

Focus on rebalancing our Earth’s energies by meditating on this or similar images of our planet as a whole:

1. Pray, focus, imagine, visualise our whole earth globe, the climate and weather systems, the atmosphere around it and the land, oceans and structure of everything within our Earth.

2. Imagine everything rebalancing and harmonising, changes subtly and gently occurring as you witness this and flow energy to the whole.

3. Send thoughts and feelings of love and appreciation to the Earth, its land masses and oceans, and its climate and weather systems.

That’s it, that’s all you need to do, for anything from a few moments up to as long as you want, as often as you can.

It does not matter what your philosophy, beliefs, or any other thoughts about this are – now is the time for positive mental, emotional, spiritual and energy focus – hold the image, thought and feeling of our Earth in balance.

Every day, 3 times a day, morning, noon and night, or at any other convenient quiet moment. Imagine the globe of the earth and its energy systems gently aligning to a harmonious balance.

Imagine this rebalancing being for the benefit of all living beings.

Hold this intention in mind, meditate on this – it can do no harm and may start to shift things energetically.   Holding this intention in mind, as a whole, may also inspire you with creative and positive ways that you can take action and contribute.

Everyone can contribute to positive action, whatever your background, profession or experience.  In the face of disaster and loss of life on the other side of the planet we can feel helpless and distraught; but we are not helpless. Our thoughts and prayers do have a real effect; meditating and focusing our highest intentions for our whole earth (or any situation or challenge as a whole) will lead to personal clarity, creativity and inspiration about what we each as individuals can do.

Do get involved, pass this message on and if you have any insights as you practice this, do share them.

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