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Working with the Energies

Wednesday, 24 November 2010 03:21

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I would like to say that this is how I see the energies and work with them, so if you read something else that is different that is ok, each person's experience is unique to them...just as it should be.
I hope this helps anyone who wishes to start working with the energies..

All things are connected.

Every thought , every deed has an affect whether we are conscious of it or not on another. Energy work is amazing.

When you get used to it, it becomes a part of your daily life and you will do as naturally as you breathe.
It becomes an integral part of who you are.

A good place to start is working with the four directions. Spend time with the energies in each direction and feel the wisdom and the power they have to offer you. What you feel will be different each time and is different for everyone...It depends on where you are on the medicine wheel of your life at this moment in time. As you probably know we are always travelling the wheel even if you don't realise it. Heres a little info on the energies to get you started.

The North is the place of great power and wisdom.
The element here is Earth. The North is also connected to the winter months. The North on the medicine wheel is good place to really connect with the earth and really feel the heartbeat of our Mother Earth.

Spend quiet time in nature laying on the ground, if you are very still you will feel her heartbeat. Listen to the voices on the winds as the whisper to you through the leaves on the trees ...again you will here them...The place of Wisdom and our Ancestors.

I like to connect with the Stone People in this element and feel the wisdom they have to offer. Visiting Sacred Sites can help you connect with the Stone People.

The Animal Totem is Buffalo.

The East is the where the sun always rises.
The element is Air. The home of inspiration, new beginnings and new ideas. The place of birth. This is where we connect with the element of Air and allow it to lift us up, inspire us, allow the cleansing winds to refresh us and gives us the new energy to continue on or start again.

To connect with the East I find the best time is at sunrise.
Watch a sun come up on a new day. Marvel at the power and wonder of our world and how beautiful it is. Go to a few high points where you can really feel the breezes and allow them to revive and fefresh and come away feeling renewed. Again spend time in nature and listen to the winds as the connect and speak with us through the leaves on the trees. Connect with Winged Ones and marvel at their power, grace and beauty even though many of them are very small. The East is connected with spring time.

The animal totem is Eagle.

The South is the place of the summer energies.
The element is Fire. The summer is a time of great energy and passions and being in touch with our passions and emotions. About truly nurturing and taking care of ourselves. Allowing ourselves to blossom and come to the fullness and be all we can be. I enjoy being outside in the evening in this element and enjoying our beautiful sun setting.
I spend a lot more time in nature in this element tending all the plants I have grown and looking after them.
As beautiful as they all are when they are in full bloom, they are quite fragile and still need tender loving care and this is how we should be with ourselves and others.

The animal totem is Mouse.

The West is the place healing and introspection.
The element is Water. This element is a good place to really go inside of ourselves and take time out and ponder.
Be like the hermit if you will and give time to ourselves and healing ourselves. To allow yourself to go into the deepest waters of your emotions, really go through them and come out the other side of the waters renewed.
Spending time alone near a body of water can help you to connect with this element.

This time alone is not about being hard on yourself or judgemental it is just about seeing what truly is, healing yourself, getting in touch with your deepest emotions and being able to come out of this with a renewed sense of purpose and a clearer vision. The time of year for this elemental is Autumn.

The animal totem is the Brown Bear.

Looking up what the different animal totems of each direction are can help as well.

Buffalo Wisdom:
Feminine courage
Sharing work
Giving for the greater good
Formulating beneficial plans

Eagle's Wisdom:
Keen sight
Illumination of Spirit
Knowledge of magick
Ability to see hidden spiritual truths
Rising above the material to see the spiritual
Ability to see the overall pattern
Connection to spirit guides and teachers
Great power and balance
Dignity with grace
Ability to see the "big picture"
Connection with higher truths
Intuitive and creative spirit
Respect for the boundaries of the regions
Grace achieved through knowledge and hard work
Understands the cycles of the Sun
All aspects of clear vision The Solar Bird
Spiritual power
Sees from the highest places

Mouse Wisdom:
Examines life's lessons
Understanding details
Seeing double meanings in things
Guidance in signing contracts
Discovery Ability to be unseen

Bear's Wisdom:
Ability to navigate along the Earth’s magnetic lines
Expert swimmer through emotional waters
Finding one way back from the brink
Ability to find sustenance in barren landscapes
Strength in the face of adversity
Communication with Spirit Dreams
Death and rebirth
Creature of dreams, shamans, mystics and visionaries
Defence and revenge

Also remember to look at the surroundings in which the animal comes to you in animal wisdom. Pay attention to everything. Often the surroundings and what is going on around the animal is as important as the animal itself and is all part of the messages and the wisdom the animal brings.

© Moonwillow 2010


Moonwillow, published her first novel Gullveig & the Breaking of the Hexes in 2008 and is currently writing the next book of the Gullveig Series as well as being the creator and editor of an online magazine called The Magick of Spirit & Enchantments which developed from her vast knowledge as a Pagan, Reiki Master and Psychic.



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