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Monthly Horoscopes Planetary Influences for March 2012

Friday, 02 March 2012 15:15

Written by Beverley

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Welcome to March’s horoscopes, we’re now heading towards Spring. 

Neptune a generation planet has now moved into Pisces, where it will stay for some years, it’s influence will be gradual & long pisces12lasting, as outlined below.  Don’t forget, the Moon sign changes are shown only for New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon & Last Quarter Moon, otherwise these horoscopes would run into a few pages, aspects to the Moon only apply for 1 day, 2 at the most, but affect our ups & downs emotionally, as we go through the month.

The Sun is now settled in compassionate, dreamy, emotional, caring, Pisces, but it can make us more sensitive, & prone to self-deception. On 21st March it moves into assertive, courageous, energetic, and impulsive Aries, with tendencies to over-react. 

The Moon starts the Month in chatty, impulsive, flirtatious Gemini, where it forms a First Quarter Moon, making us put a lot of effort into whatever we’re doing.  On 8th March, there’s a Full Moon in responsive, querying, analytical Virgo, making us very aware of our effect on other people.  On 15th March, the Moon is in broadminded, humorous, optimistic Sagittarius, with a Last Quarter Moon, which can make us feel a bit discontented in some way. On 22nd March, a New Moon forms in emotional, sentimental, sensitive Pisces, with a subjective, questioning attitude.  On 30th March, there’s another First Quarter Moon in changeable, emotional, sensitive Cancer, with a lot of input into people or situations. 

Mercury starts the month in artistic, instinctive, imaginative, Pisces, until Saturday 3rd when it moves into confident, decisive, quick-thinking Aries.  From about the 12th it travels Retrograde, with possible disruptions or misunderstandings in day to day matters.  On 24th March it Retrogrades back into emotional, sensitive Pisces till early next month. 

Venus begins March in assertive, passionate, erotic Aries.  On 6th March it moves into ardent, affectionate, sensual, at times possessive Taurus.  Mars is still traveling Retrograde, in detailed, hard-working, practical Virgo, with a need to be more careful, & avoid extremes if possible, but also at times to take the initiative.  Jupiter remains in generous, sensible, humorous Taurus, for some considerable time, giving a love of life, & creature comforts.  Generosity prevails, with a knack for acquiring bargains. 

Saturn remains in courteous, fair-minded, pleasant, but serious Libra, through most of this coming year, & gives more flexibility, with much work on behalf of the loser.  It travels Retrograde until June, giving a need for more privacy, outside influences us more than usual, and a need to beware isolation. Uranus remains in energetic, courageous, self-willed, proud Aries, with rebelliousness, sudden, unexpected events or disruptive emotional matters, distract us away from our usual routine, or help us see things in a new light, and hopefully starts to bring more balance. 

Neptune moves into sensitive, intuitive Pisces, & can help us gradually develop more empathy, compassion, & build understanding, though remaining realistic, will I feel also be important.  The long-term aspects to Neptune will remain the same, as although it has moved into a new sign, it is only by a bit of a degree.  Pluto remains in Capricorn for the foreseeable future, showing knowledge gradually acquired on deeper levels, with balance, & more realistic ways of recycling & developing our intuitive knowledge further, to use practically. 

Planetary aspects this month are:- Sun & Jupiter sextile till 9th March – A philosophical, curious, broad-minded outlook.  Sun & Pluto sextile - Intense willpower & deep self-awareness.  Sun & Moon square 1st, 15th & 30th March – Some emotional conflict may need resolving.  Sun & Mars opposite till 11th March - An assertive approach to deal with challenges.   Sun & Saturn inconjunct 11-20 March – A need to find a balance regarding other people’s demands. 

Sun & Moon opposite 8th March – Some ebb & flow regarding energy & emotional levels.  Sun & Pluto square 21-30th March – Strong willpower & maybe feelings of being pressured.  Moon sextile Uranus 1st March – Very quick emotional responses.  Moon square Neptune 1st March – Possible problems separating fact from fiction. 

Moon & Pluto inconjunct 1st March – Compulsive habits may prove very irritating.  Moon & Mars conjunct 8th March – Possible anxiety, impatience, or energized emotions.  Moon & Pluto trine 8th March – Willpower can be used positively to resolve emotional problems.  Moon & Saturn sextile 15th March – Some caution or reserve in dealings with others.  Moon & Saturn inconjunct 22nd March – A possible undercurrent of guilt in reactions to people. 

Moon & Jupiter sextile 30th March – Generosity with emotional empathy towards others.   Moon & Uranus square 30th March – A need to use imaginative ideas practically.  Moon & Neptune trine 30th March – Someone or something from the past, may prompt you.  Moon & Pluto opposite 30th March – Great sensitivity to how others treat you.  Mercury & Uranus conjunct from 3-24th March – A curious, articulate, and intuitive attitude, with a need to gain knowledge, but not jump to conclusions.  Mercury & Pluto square 6-20th March – A realistic view of people & situations.  Mercury & Saturn inconjunct 24-30th March – A serious, responsible  approach generally taken. 

Venus & Jupiter conjunct 6-24th March – Optimism, generosity & a cheerful attitude.  Venus & Mars trine 9-24th March – Affectionate & congenial relations with other people.  Venus & Pluto trine 9-22nd March – Higher values sought in one to one relationships.  Venus & Saturn inconjunct 25-31st March – Excessive responsibilities may feel very limiting.  Mars & Jupiter trine all month – Physical resources are applied positively.   Mars & Pluto trine all month – Problems can be effectively solved, maybe by taking a different approach.  Jupiter & Neptune sextile till mid month - A more imaginative, hopeful outlook about the future.  Jupiter & Pluto trine for quite a while – Strong exuberance can inspire others to make big achievements.  Saturn & Neptune trine – Creative idealism with a more organized approach.  Pluto & Uranus remain square for some time – A need for independence, dislike of restrictions.  Neptune & Pluto still remain sextile very long-term – More understanding & acceptance of world changes affecting everyone.

ARIES      21 March - 20 April
You may find your instincts are much sharper now, or you may worry irrationally more, as you’re very impressionable.  From 21st you become much assertive & come into your own, as you will state your views without thinking, whilst using your charm persuasively, & may act rather impulsively.  Later in the month beware making too many impulse buys.  You may feel at times colleagues at work don’t pull their weight, but endurance in a partnership gives you some support.  You’re focusing on career goals, & success & progress are very important to you.

TAURUS     21 April - 21 May
You might be spending time catching up with friends, or making some new ones now, especially those who think like you.  From 21st you need some time to yourself, to relax, but you’re very perceptive, with possible conflict between rational thought & your emotions, your mind works overtime to some extent.  Later in the month you can be charming & very persuasive, & your positive approach makes you very popular.  If you’re single you could meet someone new.  You may feel limited by work responsibilities, & are keen to improve your knowledge.

GEMINI     22 May - 21 June
You need to feel your input is being acknowledged regarding your ambitions, as you take a practical, but imaginative approach.  From 21st you can find some time to socialize & meet up with like-minded friends, or may join a group relating to your interests, if you feel a need to widen your social circle.  Later in the month you might find your emotions get the better of you at times, but you’re caring & spiritual.  You may have a lot to organize at home & need to take charge.  You need to express your talents & need to work at finding a balance in a relationship. 

CANCER     22 June - 23 July
You may learn something new, broaden your views, or perhaps plan a trip away somewhere, as you need a change from dull routine.  From 21st you take a responsible, practical approach to professional goals, with success being very important, you also need to express your individuality in your career.  Later in the month spending time with friends having a similar caring approach is important.  You express your views firmly, & enjoy a battle of words, & may feel frustrated by family life at times.  You need to try to avoid mind games with a partner, in a relationship.

LEO      24 July  -  23 August
You might find you’re intensely emotional at times, & need a strong, imaginative bond with a partner, but you deal well with joint finances.  From 21st you may want a change of scene, & plan a holiday, especially to somewhere exciting, you also enjoy learning as much as you can about proposed ventures.  Later in the month you carry a lot of professional responsibility & can feel pressured.  You remain astute with money, but check your bank balance, you may observe a great deal but keep your thoughts private.  You need a steady routine, & get health problems checked. 

VIRGO      24 August  -  23 September 
You enjoy a positive relationship with your partner now, as you communicate well & understand just where they’re coming from.  From 21st you may find you’re much more emotional at times, & may have business matters to sort out, but dislike feeling ‘hemmed in’, & you may be prone to overspending joint money.  Later in the month you may broaden your outlook, or beliefs in some way.  You’re impulsive & very strongwilled, rather impatient too, you’re quite practical with your money overall.  You may feel much more emotional than usual at times. 

LIBRA     24 September  -  23 October
You work hard & enjoy helping other people, but may find you end up sorting out all their problems if you’re not careful.  From 21st you spend more time with a partner, enjoying a calm, harmonious relationship overall, with mutual understanding, but you also need some free time for your personal interests.  Later in the month you may be much more emotional or even jealous, & not know why.  You find it hard to talk about personal problems, & may feel unconfident or uncertain at times.  You might feel rather limited by your home or family circumstances.

SCORPIO     24 October  -  22 November
You enjoy getting out & about, communicating positively, & meeting up with friends, & enjoying personal interests.  From 21st you may have a lot of hard work to deal with, a routine helps, so does getting any health issues sorted out, & having some variety in your work, helps avoid too much stress.  Later in the month you identify very strongly with your partner, & share a strong, positive bond.  You might enjoy lively discussions with friends, but are introspective too.  You notice a lot more than other people around you, but keep your thoughts rather private. 

SAGITTARIUS      23 November  -  21 December
You have a great deal going on at home now, but overall it’s positive, if hectic, but you may be trying to juggle everything.  From 21st you enjoy getting out, socialising a bit more, & focusing on your own interests, especially if making something, using your original ideas brings a lot of satisfaction.  Later in the month look at your diet, especially if you comfort eat, or really enjoy rich foods.  Your ambitions matter greatly but you may get stressed, long term friends offer their support.  Although money may be tight, you’re developing some great business skills.

CAPRICORN      22 December - 20 January
You need to communicate positively with everyone around you, & may be busy catching up with your correspondence.  From 21st you have a busy but happy time with your family, with quite a lot going on, that you may have to organize, you also need some time out, especially if you start to feel pressured.  Later in the month you might enjoy spending some time or money on yourself, & have a positive approach.  You feel adventurous & enjoy getting away, but have many career responsibilities.  You’re inscrutable & unfathomable, & other people can’t quite work out why.

AQUARIUS      21 January  -  19 February
You have a lot to deal with regarding your finances, but can also make some good purchases, if you choose wisely.  From 21st you may spend more time, phoning, writing or emailing people you to catch up, but might find it hard to concentrate, but you express your views in original ways.  Later in the month you enjoy spending time with loved ones, maybe seeing relatives you haven’t seen for a while.  You need a happy love life, if in a relationship, & cautiously welcome new challenges.  You may worry deep down, have complex feelings, or can’t share your worries.

PISCES      20 February -  20 March
You come across as sensitive, over emotional, & in a daydream, but also articulate & versatile, with a lot of nervous energy.  From 21st you have to focus on your finances & perhaps work out a budget, but you can acquire some bargains, provided you’re not too erratic with money, beware investing too much.  Later in the month you enjoy getting out & about locally, & just catching up with other people.  Try to avoid petty arguments with a partner, & can get depressed, or anxious at times.  You need to know friends appreciate you for who you are, & could get obsessive. 

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