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Understanding Fate, Destiny and Synchronicity

Thursday, 02 February 2012 19:57

Written by Michele Marie Tate

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Our life journey begins like an unwritten storybook, which is waiting for the pages to be filled. Early years, offer education and lessons that help us take direction into areas of personal interest. Experiences along the way mold our way of thinking and dealing with the ups and downs of everyday life.

fate destiny and synchronicity

The uncertainties of the future become important when we head toward adulthood and dreams form for the destination we wish to achieve. Each of us has a certain amount of control with the planning of how this future will unfold; yet unforeseen circumstances and events can change the outcome.

Most of us wonder about our fate or destiny in life. Are some things meant to be or is life random about events that drastically change our future. An accident, illness or death can put your life into crisis. Yet, upon looking back on them, they often times bring unimaginable lessons that change us down to our very core essence.

While destiny is a destination projected into the future, which can be probable, fate is an unknown principal by which things in general are believed to happen as they are meant to be. The question remains whose hands hold our fate and destiny?

Since all of us have free will, a part of our future is in our own hands. Yet, in a bigger picture, there is a smaller part, that we have no control over or if you believe so, is in higher hands. As much as we want to think we are in total control of what happens to us, in actuality the universal law of probabilities plays a role in this part. To understand fate and destiny you have to add this ingredient to the equation.

Then there is synchronicity. This happens when an apparent meaningful coincidence in time takes place with two or more similar or identical events. Have you ever thought of someone and at that same moment that person contacts you? Have you ever had trouble trying to erase an image, song or memory that keeps popping into your head and then suddenly something connected to it happens in your life?

Everyday people experience odd, weird or unexplainable events they did not orchestrate themselves. Do certain numbers seem lucky or unlucky for you? Has a certain name or initial repeated itself throughout your lifetime? Think back and try to remember a situation, occurrence or meeting that seemed odd, but later you realized, that it was meant to be.

Can you remember an event, where an unexplainable occurrence changed the outcome? Think back and try to remember if any of these situations happened to you. That is the result of synchronicity.

All this is connected to moments in time. Life happens quickly. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. We do not feel the passing of time, but take notice of it on the calendar, seasons and our own aging process. Depending on what stage in life you are in, it seems to go slow when you are very young and much more rapidly as you get older.

No matter what stage or age you are at, spring, summer, fall or winter fate, destiny and synchronicity will continue to play a part in your life.

Make plans for the future, dream big and fear not the hands of fate. For life and time are partners in our destiny, while fate and synchronicity are the tools to mold our journey.


I am a mystic and an author. My book is Blood, Money, Power inspired by a true story that spans three generations of political corruption and murder. Check out my blog at

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0 #1 2012-09-28 10:16
yeah, I imagine sometimes that may be a lo more than just a destiny game!

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