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Spirit Mind Body - Appeal

Sunday, 12 December 2010 21:16

Written by Loren

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A week ago I was preparing to tell you all of the new exciting features and developments at SMB, then two days ago my server admins informed me that I had been hacked into "big time". The attack was so bad that it nearly knocked out the server and quite rightly they had to deny all access to the site to me and others, in order to protect it.

Problem was they wouldn't let me keep any of the files on there without updating. In floods of tears I had to delete my whole sites account, 5 years of work...On the bright side I know there was a lot of data that was not needed and so freed a lot of space up, which is always a good thing!

Before the destruction of the site, I was going to inform you that we now have a team of experts at Spirit Mind Body, these lovely souls are: Moonwillow, Adam Shaw, Madelyn Edwards, Debbie Gregory, Gail Hart and Rowena J Ronson. As well as implementing an advanced membership (Free Membership still in place - details below)

However this disaster has left me with a situation that I just can't meet, I have to have, up to date versions to protect the site and everyone who uses it, it's going to cost me hundreds of pounds to do so and without them there will be no "network" at all and this may eventually lead to the closure of the site.

So not one for being wrapped up in doom and gloom for too long, I am reaching out to you and asking for donations, if everyone chips in I will be able to restore Spirit Mind Body and continue to give to those who visit. In return for a donation I will give one month of the Advanced Membership (see below) upon rebuild of the network and all those who donate I will publicly list with a link to their website address (unless they want to remain anonymous) to show how much they care.

The Advance membership will grant you the ability to:

  • Submit articles to the front page of SMB

  • Add as many Events with maps, Courses and Workshops, which are also displayed on the front page and broadcast weekly on Mind Body Spirit Radio (80,000 listeners world wide) which is now on FM.

  • Bi Monthly Magazine - The Magick of Spirit & Enchantments by Moonwillow who has joined the SMB Team.

  • Submit articles to the Magazine

  • Downloads - Audio and eBooks

  • Access to Advice, Discounts and Promotions from the SMB Team.

  • and more planned to make a totally holistic in the true sense of the work all for a monthly price of £4.50.

The "new" network will still be "FREE" in which you have many wonderful features. Chat just like Facebook but better (it works), Blogs, network with other kindred spirits, tell friends, embed your favourite videos, upload photos, advanced search, and lots more.

I would like to thank you in advance if you do donate and want you to know that I am truly appreciative and grateful of what you can give. If you don't have PayPal and still want to donate then please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will give you an address to send to.

Please Click on Button to donate:

I have managed to get the main site up and running and with the donations that are coming in already on the way to getting the network back up.  Thank you all to those have donated already! See who they are...

Until the next time...positive vibes, abundant thoughts and sunny days!
Love, Light and Peace


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