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Spirit Mind Body Review - The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi

Sunday, 25 April 2010 21:47

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

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Re-light the fires in any romance; Become a better and more attractive lover; Overcome old Love Trauma and emerge stronger than ever!

Free yourself from jealousy and insecurity: Cure a crush and break free from negative relationships; Really heal your broken heart-so You can love again!

Keep Your love NEW and sparkling with excitement; Get the X-Factor and attract love from EVERYWHERE; Help your friends and family with THEIR love problems - easily!

I was asked to review a book by Author Sandra Hillawi love cliniccalled 'The Love Clinic'

This book came into my life at the perfect time. Now the title may sound like the kind of book for sorting out your love life i.e. ways of attracting a new partner, and in a sense that is also possible...but this book is far more than just a romance attracting manual, it's in my mind about giving love back to yourself by releasing those emotional blocks from past hurts.

By utilising a very simple method coined as ET (EmoTrance) a method I had heard bandied around but knew nothing of; Sandra Hillawi explains it perfectly, it's origins, and how to use it in every day life with easy exercises (we like easy!)to clear unwanted blocked know those little trigger buttons that we have lurking under the surface, ready for some poor unsuspecting sod to come along and tread on. Boom! Or it's internalised and festers deep inside, lurking, waiting to manifest into a problem affecting our wellbeing. Being a very emotional person myself, yip I will admit it, when I did my personality test, the average on an emotional scale for a woman was 76% I came out at it figures I have a few buttons and it explains why I have suffered with ill health over the years as I do tend to internalise.

So the knowledge I have gained from reading this book is immense. I now am been able to feel/locate the tension/blocks and focus on releasing them. It works! I can't sing enough praises about the book nor the technique, in fact I found when I am talking to people I utilise it in every day situations, thus helping others. Its inspired me to actually do a course! I certainly recommend this book, and especially as a complement to such techniques as NLP, which I feel can tend to leave out the emotional dealing aspect.

Check out the 'The Love Clinic' website for more information!

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