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Spirit Mind Body Review - Improve your eyesight: A guide to the Bates Method for better eyesight without glasses

Sunday, 25 April 2010 21:37

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

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A practical guide to the technique that really will help you see better. If you wear glasses you may be doing so unnecessarily. Worse still you are likely to be caught up in a downward spiral that may actually cause your sight to deteriorate so that you require stronger and stronger lenses. But did you know that 75 percent of those who try the Bates method find their sight noticeably improves? Many can stop wearing glasses altogether.

I was asked to review a book by Justin Gowers on behalf of This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Now for me this was quite ironic I should be asked to review this, as I don't wear glasses and had my eyesight last tested when I was seventeen...a long time ago, and it just happens that I got a voucher offering me a free eye timprove  your eyesight by jonathan Barnesest! Wow, I guess that was a push in the right direction.

I started reading this book, and found it fascinating! In my days of being a school lab technician I used to dish out eyes for the kids to examine, rather gross, but to me they were just balls of jelly. So this book, excuse the pun really opened my eyes. It's very informative and I learnt a lot of how the eye operates, there not just pretty balls in one's head that happen to help you see where your going or doing, they actually function in unison with the brain, intelligently correcting anomaly's in order to send that needed information to the brain. Not only this the stresses of our daily life, such as emotionally problems can effect our eyesight, under long term stress, we could be under the impression we need glasses when in actual fact we need just to eliminate the strain caused by the stress. Bare this in mind soon as we start wearing glasses or contacts we are doomed, weakening the eyes further, but there is definite hope that with the help of the Bates Method even that can be turned around.

So I made my appointment as advised by Justin, the lady tells me it will take about 20 mins, an hour and 10 mins later I am still there, I've gone through every test you can think of. She is a trainee optometrist, but I had full confidence in this lovely young lady, even though I think she was desperate to find something so I would have a prescription.

Nonetheless the results...I have near perfect eyesight! I am one of those lucky ones that don't need glasses! Those yoga exercises certainly have helped! Just one problem makes it hard to do the exercises in the book to see if they work. However, what I will say, this book is well written, and the exercises are simply put and can be done in a few moments,whether you have an eye problem or not, this will only improve your chances of keeping good eyesight, and hopefully reduce the need for glasses. Which lets face it is big money for opticians these days.

Therefore, I would fully recommend it being part of the collection, I got to understand how my eyes work, and I can hopefully prevent my eyesight getting worse and ending up like all of my family who wear glasses, which have got worse and worse over the years because they succumbed into thinking they needed them.

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