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Spirit Mind Body Review - Hyperspacial Energy Receiver from Protonic Creations

Saturday, 24 April 2010 19:48

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

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Have you ever had a day when circumstances were in your favour? ... When you felt protected and strong? ... when you knew you could accomplish anything and nothing could stop you? ... when you felt dynamically energized and filled with vitality? ...when aspects of your True Self began to unfold and your path became clear?

Today, I will be reviewing the Hyperspacial Energy Receiver sent to me by Gerald at Protonic Creations, along with a few other items, which I willhyperspacial_energy_receiver review at a later date.

I was convalescing at the time after some surgery, and with having M.E. on top, not doing so well on the healing front, Gerald assured me that it would help me tap into that energy I so desperately needed as my own Reiki healing sessions, did not seem to be helping much.

Well, off went the huge quartz crystal that was around my neck at the time, and on went the unassuming pendant, it’s been about 3 months since I put it on, long enough I feel to give my views on it.

What Does the Hyperspacial Energy Receiver do?

I don't profess to know the ins and outs of how it all works, but my take on these creations are that are designed to receive powerful archetypal energies, connecting to the universal life force, which in turn elevates your energy levels (bit like plugging into the mains), helping you take control of your life and achieve all that you desire, so on and so forth. Gerald might be cringing at my take on what it can do, so here’s the link for the official blurb.

My Experience Whilst Wearing it

Well, that was definitely what I needed, I was definitely below par at the time, feeling rather depressed, and defeated is a good way of describing how I felt. All though very open minded by a lot of things, I am actually quite the sceptic with so called wonder gadgets, I nearly passed out when my son bought the Q-link. Fortunately, I was willing to give this the chance it deserved, so on went my receiver and just let it do it's thing.

No bolt of lightening from some unseen source, no dramatic Ooo I can feel the energy and I am on a high, no this is very subtle. I was drawn to it, and totally forget half the time that I am wearing it, until someone else notices it and asks what it is. However, don’t be mislead by what I have just said, just because it didn’t zap me into a maniacal new energetic me, doesn’t mean that something hasn’t happened.

What I first noticed, and it wasn’t until my return from a holiday in Mallorca, was the ease with which everything fell into place. There was a strong feeling inside me not to go to our first place of choice which was Tenerife, and with being unable to find a place suitable with what I wanted and was getting very frustrated and tired of looking. Something in me was definitely drawn to something much calmer, so, I decided to look at Mallorca. I found with in less than a few minutes, a beautiful secluded villa, with pool, near to beach with car included, flights etc, for far less than I would have paid going to a busy tourist place, as the villa was reduced to half price! Wow!

I booked a few days before we were to leave, and normally I would be frantic and panicky and have to pack weeks before hand, in case I forgot something, I packed a few hours before leaving. Then there was the cat, arranging for someone to look after him, my neighbour offered. And always the numerous problems that arise at the last minute…there were none. I sat in the taxi being taken to the airport feeling rather perplexed and slightly uncomfortable because I was expecting something to jump out at me. It didn’t. Everything went to plan, everything went smoothly and effortlessly, we had a fantastic time; I came back and thought gee that hasn’t happened before! Let’s do it again, it was like being on a fun ride, that was actually fun!

This is just one example but there have been many more instances that would have drained and irritated me and eventually caused me to feel rather depressed.

So has this Hyperspacial Energy Receiver had something to do with it?
I can honestly say, I believe it has. What’s more is I love my pendant, I hate taking it off, I feel vulnerable, which is daft but true.

Has it allowed me to tap into a source I hadn’t been able to before?
I am not sure, but I know that prior to wearing it, I found it hard to focus on where I was going in life, great ideas but taking forever to achieve them.

Has it increased my energy levels?

I don’t think this particular creation is for energising in that sense; there are different energy patterns that achieve different results. I still get tired, but my ability to say enough is enough, before I really run down the batteries is more evident now. I don’t feel compelled to finish things, and be in a tizzy because I don’t run to schedule; I will take myself away from my work, and focus on something more relaxing, like painting, or gardening or reading. My concentration as well as being able to focus and retain has improved, not dramatically, but significantly that it makes my life a bit more comfortable. So all in all, the sceptic in me would have to admit, that I have gained from wearing it.


There’s only one little thing I was disappointed with, and it could well just be because of my skin type, but the receiver’s outer container is gold plated brass, because it’s been continually worn, it has where it’s made contact with my skin, rubbed or dissolved the gold plate away so looks a little tarnished in places, and i guess no one is going to look at that back. It in no way has affected its potential to work, in fact it’s probably working better now than when I first put it on, which may indicate that it takes time to gel with the wearers energies, so really I am just being pernickety.

All in all, this is a pleasant pendant to wear, it’s not jewellery it has a function but can be worn as piece jewellery, and because it's ambiguous in design is suitable for male or female, strangely its males who pick up on it more and ask what it is.

It would make a lovely gift for someone who maybe needing help in being able to focus and concentrate and just generally stabilize and in turn find their path in life.

Lastly, sometimes i feel like, and this is going to sound bizarre, that I have the sun radiating out from where it sits, no heat just that feeling you get when you sit in the sun absorbing the light.

Skeptic to converted? Yes, I feel it has benefitical properties, how that comes about really doesn't matter.

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