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Spirit Mind Body Review - Learn to Meditate CD with Aron Gadd

Thursday, 22 April 2010 07:45

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

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Expand your awareness. Learn how to Meditate for Spiritual Development. Realise how the Universe works, how to channel Healing Energy, and consciously create the life you choose.

Upon reviewing this CD the first thing I noticed was the professional and solid introduction to the practice of meditation, and an excellent starting point for the beginner, as well as a refresher for those who haven't practiced learn-to-meditatefor a while.

Aron also gives an in depth background, healing effects as well as on a different perspective on traditional techniques of obtaining the quiet mind, which was very effective.

The Introduction and following information is certainly in depth, but very easy listening and is followed by the start of a basic meditation. You are guided into a state of meditation through being aware of your body then relaxing from head to toe, then allowed for a period of time to enjoy that state and then guided out.

Following this there is another more advanced mediation and further repeat of the second mediation, but this time enabling you to take as long as you like.

All in all, and not to give too much more away, my impression of this CD was its very easy listening, you are lulled by Aron's clear and gentle voice into state suitable for your own needs. It's wonderfully beneficial for those who find it difficult to relax, and would enable the listener to further advance their techniques in the art of Mediation. Lastly, you can use it over and over until you are confident to go into your own guided meditation.

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