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How to Develop Psychic Abilities

Tuesday, 30 August 2011 14:04

Written by John Kegan

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The practice is not as easy as you may think. You have to go through a series of methods such as meditation, keeping a record of your dreams and thoughts and the effort to listen to everything that is audible minutely. Again you have to rouse your consciousness all the time whenever you are enjoying a nap or busy at doing something. Actually you have to be alert all the time.develop_your_psychic_ability

You can develop psychic powers at that very moment when you are keenly interested in that matter. It is no game that can be easily played or it is no such thing that can be easily learnt. First of all you must possess strong will force. If you do not possess that power you are sure to be a damn failure. To own the power of will force is never an easy one. It is never a child's play. Before you intend to develop psychic abilities you have to brood over the matters first. If you think you can then proceed, otherwise you have no other way than to accept the failure.

The thing that you have to attain is the state of acute transcendence. How can you achieve that? You can achieve it through regular meditation. You have to meditate for hours if you want to achieve your goal. Perfect meditation can lead you along the path of psychic enchantment. At that very moment you are sure to feel the flow of energies all through out the veins of your body. The energy is ready to flow in and out of the body of yours. You will be sensitive then and at that peak hour you are sure to attain the much coveted state of perfect transcendence.

How to develop psychic abilities – Are there something like Magic?

There is no magic, no use of black art. It is only meditation with rapt attention that can lead you light. There go the myths that various kinds of religious rituals are done to attain the power. People have to appease any god or goddess to attain it. Some opine that when you can come closer to the spirits and ghosts you can achieve the power of doing whatever you like. There also go the famous rites of the Tantra. Again according to some if you can take some intoxicants you may have the power of hallucination with which you can foretell everything. All these are nothing but absurd ideas. Though in some Chapters of Tantra there are details of attaining the psychic power. But everything is in a state of debate.

The actual thing to develop psychic powers is to know you first. You have to attain the power of oneness. So long you can not achieve the super oneness with everything around you can not foretell and foresee. If someone wishes to be a psychic power owner he/she must have to toil hard. And again if it is told in the true sense it is absolutely a god gifted power. You are born with that power. If you try hard you can rouse the power and develop your psychic abilities.

I can not tell it with ease that if you try your level best you cannot develop the psychic abilities. Of course you can but keep it in mind that you have miles to go before you sleep.


For more information on how to develop psychic abilities follow the link.

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0 #1 Psychic Readings 2013-08-15 03:43
This is a very interesting article! We take psychic abilities very seriously and this article points out a few good ideas. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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