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A Sceptical Medium

Friday, 13 May 2011 14:06

Written by Unknown

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Something that confuses a lot of people is the difference between a ghost and a spirit. I shall try to explain the difference for you. A spirit is someone who has died and gone on to the spirit world. A ghost is also someone who has died, but has become trapped here and cannot move on to the world of spirit. There are various reasons for this. Sometimes, it could be they have died very suddenly and refuse to accept they have died so will not go 'into the light' that will take them to where they should be. Missing this light means they are trapped here as the light doesn't last for long. Other times it could be they don't want to leave here because they love the trappings of materialism that this world brings them and so they choose to stay believing they can still be part of it all. These are only a couple of reasons, but it gives you an idea.

I am lucky enough to have seen that light. I was given a glimpse of it a couple of times and I can only liken it to a near death experience even though I was wide awake and not ill at the time. I have written an earlier post about that so won't bore you with it again here. I mention it only because I know what the light is like that they are meant to walk into. It is incredible and how anyone can choose not to walk into it when they know they have died is beyond me.

Those who have either chosen to stay only to find themselves trapped in between worlds, or those who just missed it by bad luck needn't be trapped here forever though. They can be helped to move on, but sadly, this can take many hundreds of years before someone comes along and recognises what's happened and helps them. One of the easiest ways for this to be done is to connect with the spirit concerned if you are able. Once you know communication has been established, then you ask them to think hard of someone they loved very much while here and who loved them in return. When they think of this person, you then tell them to ask the person concerned to come to them. When they do so, the person coming will bring the light with them as they are now in the spirit world. The trapped spirit can then walk into the light and join them, but they have to do it quickly in case they miss it again. It can be that simple.  So if you hear of a trapped spirit and think you can help by communicating with them, try that exercise and see if it helps. In fact, even if you think you can't connect with them try it anyway, because they can hear you even if you can't hear them. You can say it all in your mind, it doesn't have to be aloud - give it a try.

Before I finish this, I will also clear up one other thing about ghostly hauntings. Spirits never haunt, only ghosts do. Spirits have no need to as they have moved into a far better world than the one we now inhabit. The only time they ever come back is to communicate with mediums or to help a loved one if they are able. Whereas a ghost is haunting only because they are trapped there. When strange things happen; noises, bangs, bumps or even touching people is all done to get your attention - it is never to scare or harm intentionally. The people who go on 'ghost hunts' aren't doing these poor trapped souls any good at all. Imagine if you were trapped and asking for help and people came along, were aware of your presence, but ignored your plight and just treated it as a bit of 'fun' which is what happens. How frustrated would you feel? This is what's happening to them hence the noises and disturbance. All they're doing is trying to ask for help. If anyone goes ghost hunting and 'finds' a ghost, they should also take someone with them who could help it to move on. Sadly most won't as they think it's good for business to have a haunted place that brings people flooding to it. Derek Acorah hasn't helped with the 'Most Haunted' shows, it has made it an entertainment that lots of people are now trying for themselves. I can't stand his 'shows' and what he's doing, but he is actually a good medium, he has just chosen to not use it the way it was intended.  It would be so nice if he was to help the ghost to move on after filming.

Not all haunted places are actual ghosts either. Some taken as ghosts, are in fact, just energy left over from something very traumatic that happened there. A battle scene re-lived over and over in a small way, the last seconds of someone's murder or death. The difference is easy to tell because one is a glimpse of a scene briefly, whereas the other is a definite presence being there and doing things; making things happen. I hope this has helped clear up the differences a little and shown what you can do to help. I will leave you with one last thought; no matter how scared you might be, the dead can't hurt you - only the living do that.

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