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The Essence of Avalon

Wednesday, 24 November 2010 03:12

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For many women searching for a home, some may feel they have not yet found in this lifetime, one they feel in their heart is where they truly belong.


The Sacred Isle of Avalon has called to many of them across the sands of time and through the ages.priestessofavalon image credit

The true essence of this island is considered by many women as the essence of service to the Goddess.
- A sacred haven of the learning of the old ways and healing.
- A place of solitude and peace.
- A place for women to discover their personal power through learning how to look into the deepest caverns of   their hearts and discover their inner wisdom.
- Their inner Goddess.

The Essence of Avalon has always been in the hearts of all women, waiting to help us to find the Goddess within us all.

To allow the Goddess within us to lead us all back to our paths and discover the true power of women, healing and learning who we truly are.

The Arthurian myths and legends are considered exactly that by some myths, but an ever- increasing amount of people are becoming more open-minded along with other more enlightened souls and they realise that these tales all came from somewhere that within all mythological tales, a heart of truth lays within the myth itself.

The story of Arthur and his search for the Holy Grail is very much like many of us on our own spiritual quests as we search for our own Grail, our pathway to the light and enlightenment.

To discover who we truly are and where we fit in.
As women we look back to those times and the Codes of Chivalry and pine to find that same chivalry in our mates and the people we seek to share our lives with today.

From the stories and tales of these times, the essence of Avalon has been kept alive. I am sure that all good men have this same chivalry within their hearts and also wish for the essence of those times gone by and not the so- called modern way of some men to conform to the stereotype in order to be perceived as ‘real’ men.

The Goddess who has always lived in our hearts was in the past was pushed to the inner depths there to keep her safe from persecution and many women still worshipped her in secret.

Still no matter what, she has always risen from the shadows and shown herself to us in her many forms in our times of greatest need, so much is her love for us and her faith in us, her children.

Women over the last few centuries may seem to have lost sight of the Goddess, on a conscious level seem to have forgotten her, but none the less they have been working hard in her name on a sub-conscious level, fighting against a male dominated society to bring back the equality for women among all humans.

To have outlawed dated restraints placed upon us not by our creator but by some men of a certain standing who in truth were in awe and frightened of the true core power and essence of women, so in some cases used certain religions to frighten the men into forcing their women to be subservient, no matter what that took.

We have now demanded as women for us all to be treated as equals and no longer sit back quietly and no longer accept being subservient.

To have the power of women recognised in the world we live in today. To know as the ancient ones from many different cultures knew that women are Sacred. This is working in service to the true power and essence of the Goddess, whether you realise that on a conscious level or not.

Many people and not just women but also men are searching and trying to find their way. They have a deep inner knowing that what are now considered traditional religions just do not fit their lives and their way of thinking and what they feel and know in their hearts. Many of the teachings from these religions are too contradictory and extremely biased very much a ‘My way or no way’ attitude allowing very little room for individuality.

These people are now looking for something else or something new they are seeking the truth and the light and this journey is leading many back to the old ways and the path of the Goddess.

They are learning that true healing comes from within and we must give ourselves the same level of respect and dignity if we are to give of ourselves truly to others. Any gift that we would not want from the heart for ourselves is truly not worthy of a gift to another. We are learning that every thought or deed has an effect on another, that we are all connected, every man, woman, child, animal, mineral, our earth, the oceans, the universe…we are all connected and not to love and care for or about any one of these will ultimately bring harm to us all.

The Essence of Avalon is within us all…it is calling us and letting us know that no matter how far we seek for it, if we do not enter into the innermost depths of our hearts we will not find it because our home and the essence of Avalon already lives there.

© 2010 by Moonwillow


Moonwillow, published her first novel Gullveig & the Breaking of the Hexes in 2008 and is currently writing the next book of the Gullveig Series as well as being the creator and editor of an online magazine called The Magick of Spirit & Enchantments which developed from her vast knowledge as a Pagan, Reiki Master and Psychic.

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