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My Thoughts for the day...

Monday, 13 June 2011 10:11

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

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I am not one of those prophets of doom merchants and they do annoy me too, but I do feel our world is very unbalanced at the moment and going in a direction that appears to be unstoppable in it's madness. To mention what our forefathers went through as an example and we have it easy, negated all that are suffering now, and there are many.  It's relative, the past does not exist and certainly man has not learnt from what my father went through, and before his passing, he certainly used to voice his opinion on the mess of the world compared to his day.

My initial reaction is anger, as the previous night I watch 2 hours of a documentary film on a doctor who has a known cure for cancer (cure meaning living past 5 years without a re-occurrence) with out poisoning or maiming the patient in the process.  This film has been created to document what has happened to him over decades and how the US government has actually stolen his patent for it. They actively sort to ruin a man doing good, held him up in court for decades countless times by the FDA, with the courts ruling in the doctors favour each time, behind all of this was a layer of deception so heinous and cunning. They dis-empowered him by draining him of all his financial resources. He doesn't have the money now to fight it and reclaim his patent which should never have been given to the US government in the first place.

I feel great sadness because I know he's not the only person who is doing good for mankind, companies are actively trying to solve our car fuel problems only to be pushed into none existence or discredited. I still wonder why an earthquake hits Japan days before one of their companies Honda is set to have a non petrol car open an Indy race in US. Of course now there is speculation of every kind in regards to this, that it wasn't an earthquake but an nuclear explosion or that it was an earthquake caused by Haarp. The mind boggles as to what theories people come up with but people are putting two and tow together because there is so much deception going on.

In reality I feel that I have let my son down.  I have brought him in to a world which should have so much promise for him.  Our food is tampered with genetically, we now are being told we can't take natural medicine unless it's had at least 30 years of proof, thankfully, a lot have, but any new discoveries will be tied up for years to come. Alternative health practitioners are being targeted and put out of business for what they put on their website, especially if it's a testimony from the client saying thank you for curing them.  Many companies are being raided under gun point! A factory making concentrated elderberry juice! It's madness!

I am seeing even now that measures are coming in so we can't grow organic vegetables in our back garden. Sources of information indicates that the latest out break of eColi was due to organic cucumbers in Germany (great, just what we need) but there are those who have stated this had to have been bioengineered bacteria,  and has been proven could never have got into the food chain with out being introduced as it would have had to have at least 12 mutations ie. resisted 1st antibiotic, mutated, resisted the 2nd antibiotic and so on and so forth until it resisted 12 different antibiotics.

The reason I feel this way, is because I feel powerless. I sit behind my computer every day, read all these crimes going on and I have no ability to contribute bar maybe sign a petition, or highlighting the situation.  I don't know how to become active and make my sons world or my grandchildren's future better.

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