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Winter Solstice Eclipse Poem

Monday, 06 December 2010 04:06

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As ancients we sat upon the grass and gazed at the fullness of the moon
Then right before our eyes she disappeared into darkness from our view
This is such a bad omen the less enlightened wailed in sudden distress
But the wise ones who sat among them simply smiled and shook their heads

She is just resting for a moment and her secrets will remain for us unseen
Encouraging us to go within ourselves and seek the guidance that we need
Our secret dreams are in our hearts and not visible for all to see and share
This is her way to show us she knows and sees this and that truly she does care

In the quiet stillness in the darkness of the night we can truly bare our souls
And in this deep protective velvet silence embrace our hearts and inner goals
We can seek the answers to how best express ourselves and all the love we are
In the same way that we gaze at the starry nights and seek answers from afar

This eclipse just before our Winter Solstice teaches us to change and to evolve
That to find our true pathway and inner joy to allow rebirth within ourselves
Release what no longer serves us & allow it to transform on this magickal night
So we can be as one with all our world & walk our pathways in her blessed light

© Moonwillow 2010

The copyright to this post belongs to Moonwillow and is dedicated to our Lunar Eclipse that is happening on Winter Solstice Dec 21st 2010

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