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Invocation to the Ancients

Saturday, 04 December 2010 03:19

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Hear now the words of us children of the old ways

Unveil the secrets we cloaked in the shadows

Ancient Gods and Goddesses I invoke thee

Endow your ancient secrets of magick to me now


Silver Lady endow me with your blessings

Horned God with you my dreams they can run wild

In the magickal hour in the glow of the moonlight

Embrace me as you would your birth child


Bless me with the power passed down through the ages

Breathe all of my hopes and my dreams into life

By the silvery glow of the moonlight

Remove from all of our worlds all the strife


So to the great master and mistress of magick

Hear my prayers sent on the winds, in the streams

May you bless me and grant my heart wishes

To live a fulfilled life and accomplish my dreams!

© Moonwillow 2008

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