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The Heart of the Sacred Unicorn Poem

Wednesday, 24 November 2010 02:37

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Deep in the heart of the mystical forests, the oceans, mountains and the trees

The sacred unicorns still survive, they are protected by the mists, are safe and free

They keep the old magic alive, when we walk in the mists we see them once more

Within the sacred ancient ways,  we accept their sacred & ancient magickal lore


The sacred essence of nature and the forest, it is eternal and it is strong

Their sacredness and purest essence, it keeps them safe, they do no wrong

They reach out through their minds to us with their awesome and sacred power

They show us their wondrous world, when we drift in our dreamtime hours


They send us waking visions of their love and their wondrous magickal world

If we sink into their visions, their trust and belief in us will bless us and reaffirm

They send protection all around us, they weave their healing magick unabound

Send healing to all those in need, it permeates our mother earth and all our lands


We should listen to their words and heed their ancient wisdom so very carefully

So one day they can walk through the silvery mists into our world and can be free

Believe & trust in the old wisdom & magick say no more prejudice, no more fear

Free to roam & endow their purity amongst us, we’ll be blessed to have them near



© Moonwillow 2010


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