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The Four Directions - We are the Essence of All Four Poem

Tuesday, 30 November 1999 00:00

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I am the element of your oceans, babbling brooks, the rivers and the streams

I am the element of water, your deepest emotions and your heartfelt dreams

I am the element of healing, that of the deepest,most passionate full love

I am the element that helps you go within so you can contemplate your life


I am the way to soothe and calm your troubled waters when you learn to go within

I am the place of your inner rainbow, the place to go to quiet all the din

I am the life giving rains and water that feed and nourish you and mother earth

I am the place you find deep happiness and learn to enjoy your life with mirth


I am the fire that burns within your loins, your deepest passions and darkest desires

I am the physical passion that when it burns in you will last for hour after hour

I am the the muse within your creative heart, your deep passions and your inner flames

I am the music of seduction, desire and passion are the energy of my elemental flames


I am the power of both creation and destruction, my anger can both ravage, burn and destroy

I am the blue healing flames that can console you and bring you the purest kind of inner joy

I am the heat within your darkest desires and the secrets of your inner and darkest depths

I am the hearth and heart of the healing soothsayer, the passion and heat of all creation


I am the omnipresent mother, you are safe in the protection of my warm embrace and in my arms,

I am the safety of the womb from where you are all conceived and nourished and you are born,

I am the food that keeps you fed and nourished, I am the safety of your hearth and home

I am the foundation of all that walks the earth and to me you return when you are done


I am the deep forests and the mountains, the leaves that rustle in the trees,

I am the grass your feet does walk upon, the sand that is sprinkled on the beach

I am the rocks, the stones, the crystals, I hold the energies of sacred times gone by

I am the source of your support, I am the sacred earth wheel you walk from life to life


I am the air that fills your body, so you can live your lives and you can breathe

I am the soft whispering breezes that blow the leaves and  gentle rustle through our trees

I am the refreshing winds that cool you through the heat of the soaring summer skies

I am the thoughts that filter through your minds and sought out the riddles in your lives


I am the soft whispering voice singing in the winds, I carry all your voices far and wide

I am the keen mind mind of all intelligence, the air that voices the creative to the blind

I am the way to spread endless words of all living in our world and across soaring open skies

I am the logical mind of the philosopher that aids you to learn the lessons in your lives



© Moonwillow 2010


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