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Aphrodite Poem

Wednesday, 24 November 2010 02:33

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In the early dawning of a sparkling golden age in the mists of when time truly did begin

She arose exquisite and serene within frothing waves and the heavens started to sing

This most beautiful of all our flowers, a glorious fragrant rose in full bloom for all time

Aphrodite is our sweet and loving Goddess who teaches us to give love through all our lives


The birds sang out joyously in sweet celebration to announce her shimmering watery birth

Sweet music of love sings deep within our hearts, she shows us to live our lives with mirth

Softly she smiles upon all living beings, endows her deep beauty and grace within us all

Sweet aroma from exotic perfume exudes from the flowers that grow; in her we do enthrall


She embraces us all with her unconditional love, awakens our deep passions and desires

Just like a fiery starburst in the the heavens, she stirs and awakens our internal fires

Our Mother Earth glows brightly in her presence as she spreads her lovely light around

The omnipresent lover who weaves her magickal gifts of love and spreads it unabaound


She is our goddess of love, beauty and eternal youth, arousing all living beings desires

She reaches out and takes you through the door of love, passions ignite and set on fire

With an open heart you are able to live, love and learn things beyond your wildest dreams

She  knows you can be a priestess, magician,  you can choose and step into a new reality


As a child of the clear and purest crystal waters, she exudes deep emotions and pure love

She carries her seashell and mirror, gifts of the oceans, her sacred animal is the Dove

Her beauty is of such magnificence, her spiritual intensity is a gift and it does excite

She ignite internal flames inside of us so she can lead us from the darkness to the light




© Moonwillow 2010


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