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Druidic Wisdom Poem

Wednesday, 24 November 2010 02:30

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This whole day I have been blessed to follow as you have flowed and transformed into many different shapes

First a magickal raven on those sacred ancient wings, a mighty oak and now a figure that is draped

Scarcely a whisper stirred upon your  feathers, then you seemed a fox moving through the undergrowth

Now this cloaked figure blends gently within the gathering night, among the other wise and living souls


His words are given from an age-old wisdom, from the path of the ancients and the mighty blessed

This path has taken long to walk and reach and learn the ancients wisdom and its now time to rest

He feasts among his own people, living their lives out on the lands and in the green and distant hills

He paces ancient pathways of the forests and woods, feasts upon the fruit of the wise old mighty oak


He walks within the dream-world to learn more wisdom, that he can decide to share with you and me

He walks the path of light and all that is right for the good of his beloved mother earth and all humanity

With his great age their comes a wisdom that flows through his heart and very being for all he needs

The human price paid within each life is a thin aged body, long flowing grey hair and sunken cheeks


He advices you to unwrap your bag of dreams and allow them to float free and weave their way around

For he knows unless you allow your heart & soul wishes & dreams to fly free they will be forever bound

See your life as the slowly drifting streams & rivers, they go with the flow & just allow themselves to be

As they surge their gentle currents forward until they merge & become as one with the oceans & the seas


Know as a soul you will go through many changes, you have already been & will become so many things

From a king to the raven to the lowliest slave, from this you will learn and carry many of your bearings

From the greenest of fields within our meadows to the brightest stars that shine within our moonlit sky

The wondrous Druid knows his place within and knows his place among the ancient ones and spiritual highs




© Moonwillow 2010


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