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Lady of the Lake Poem

Tuesday, 30 November 1999 00:00

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I laid by the lake and watched the mists as they swirled around our isle in their protective embrace

I saw the shimmer of the water as she arose from its depths, our Sacred White Lady of the Lake

The mists and the lady were like two lovers who were entwining as her spirit appeared within their midst

This is my first memory of being blessed with her presence here by the sacred lake within the mists


She embraced my wholeness and my spirituality, I felt my spirit arise and glide away as if a wisp

As it floated freely across the water, I was so blessed to embrace and greet the lady of the mists

I had waited for this moment to arrive, spent many hours waiting for her to appear upon the shore

She embraced me and gently took my hand, floated me away on a journey that I had never known before


We become one to all that had been before and she showed me like a dream all that will ever be

We ascended to heights and depths of magick I had never known, her presence gently watching over me

I allowed my spirit to fly and set it free, I yielded and with her visited the very centre of her soul

She showed me all my yearnings, how to achieve peace and loving ways to obtain my heartfelt goals


My soul knew I would never forget this time spent with this lady forever floating in these mists

She showed where my heart belonged, how I could return at will to embrace my sisters and my true bliss

In my mind I can hear the magickal sound of her voice as she calls to the deepest part of my heart

This lady in white, brings light to my darkest of nights and I know from my soul she'll never part



© Moonwillow 2010


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