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Sisters of the Mists Poem

Wednesday, 24 November 2010 02:24

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As we walk our familiar pathway with the ancient ones among the glowing silver mists
As sisters we feel real love & feel supported & the joy & bliss to us this always gives
Through many lifetimes we have sworn our blood oaths & many life lessons we have shared
We know our true sister is always there for us & deep in her heart & soul she truly cares


Now in this lifetime we have found our family that truly loves & gets us & is always there
Our hearts, souls & lives they are entwined throughout all the lives that we have shared
I remember all the times we lay by the lake & discussed the truths & mysteries of our stars
We shared joyous journeys in deep mystic wells to discover all the truths for many happy hours
We learnt secrets from the shining & the ancient ones as we learnt our lessons true & well
Carried this great wisdom forward into this life to help many others like us where we dwell
As we lay beneath the silver moon her light shines her beauty & bright blessings on us all
We know the power of the earth & the ancient ones & their energies & in this we do enthrall


As sisters of the ancient crafts, we bring forth the sacred ways and rites and we do enfold
We know our home is sacred in the mists and to there we return unto our sisterhood fold

As children of the ancient times & blessed ways the mystical magick of the raven we embrace
We have the visions from our ancient ones to help & bless all we love with light & grace



© Moonwillow 2010





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