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Full Moon Dance Among the Enchanted Fae Poem

Tuesday, 30 November 1999 00:00

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As the twilight fades into a clear full moonlit night, you dance within the forest and the trees

The Silver Lady sparkles her light so bright it dazzles your eyes, the fae join you there with ease

In the warm summers night air you see fireflies flying everywhere, among the boughs and the florestry

These tiny flashing mites light up the forest so brightly you can see all around you with great ease


Sit with the fae within their magickal circle, upon the dewy grass, sweet petalled carpet of leaves

Share a drink of honey mead with them as your spirit rises up and twirls with them among the breezes

Other elementals are there as well dancing and twirling you gently as you join them in their trance

You hear the enchanting song of the nightingale as you join the fae and share their magickal dance


The Silver Lady sends on her gentle moonbeams your desires, your wishes, all that you dream at night

You watch in awe as the fae and other magickal elementals twirl around you in their playful flight

These tiny mites in flight appear as flashing stars flying through the air in and among the trees

They weave their silvery webs of magick around you, it feels likes feathers floating on the breezes


As other mortals sleep, they are unaware of the treasures you have been blessed to share and behold

The fae now lead you to the edge of their forest and continue to weave their magick allow it to unfold

Now in the blink of an eye you find you are back home and under the covers of your warm and snuggly bed

This Fairie Glade fades as you now drift off into the dreamworld and you know you have been truly blessed



© Moonwillow 2010


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