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My Ancient Home Poem

Wednesday, 24 November 2010 02:15

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As I stand atop the misty hillside and gaze down at the deep and distant green vales

The warm breeze gently tousles free my wavy hair from its confines of my silky veils

Softest deep green velvet clothes do adorn me as my cloak floats gently in the breeze

I tip my head back gently as I spread my arms and run down the hills with joy and ease


I am now flying as free as the blessed ravens that soar so high in the velvet night skies

My magick now surrounds and enchants me as I breeze past the castle turrets soaring high

I soar towards the distant echoes of my kin calling out to me from within the silver mists

My heart is so full of longing dreams as the bards musical lores stir memories of such bliss



I fly free with my kin as we weave our mystical magickal mysteries in our full moonlit flight

We weave our magick in night-time flickers and shadows under the starry deep velvet of night

Whispers of winds ruffle our feathers as cloaked figures blend in with the rising of the Lune

We raise our arms in praise to the energies, give thanks to our beautiful Goddess of the Moon



Hauntingly majestic rising up on the horizon, I see the rising walls of my beloved castle home

I walk softly in shadows of the deep green forest towards the ancient rings of humming stones

I come alive in the magickal hour of midnight and I am reborn with each new golden rising sun

I now connect freely with the ancients and the shining ones as our ancestors have always done


© Moonwillow 2010


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