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Money, Money, Money!

Monday, 03 October 2011 08:19

Written by Lisa Phillips

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The truth is that money is just energy and if you are not attracting the abundance you desire in your life, then somewhere, you are holding onto some negative beliefs about money and receving it. In this newsletter, I have highlighted my top tips to start to attract more money intofinancial_abundance your life.

1) Write down a list of all your negative beliefs about money. Then ask yourself ' Is this REALLY true?' Remind yourself that if you want to change things, you will have to change your thinking.

2) Turn each one of your negative beliefs into a positive statement. For example: If you believe that you have to work really hard in order to make more money, change this into an affirmation such as ' I am open to receiving more money in my life by working less'. Remember, you may not believe this affirmation as yet, but keep working with it.

3) Set a Financial Goal. You get what you ask for so make sure you are clear on what you want to receive financially. It it more income? Do you want to clear your debt? For more information on setting great inspirational goals, check out my Goal Setting Video

4) Be Generous with your own money. Remember, money is energy so you get back what you give out!

5) Bless all your bills. Be grateful that you have enough money to pay your bills.

6) Visualise yourself receiving money and a healthy bank balance! Make sure you start to feel comfortable receiving money. Remember, it is safe for you to have more money in your life.

7) Stick pictures of money / notes up on your vision board. You can even write out a large cheque to yourself and look at it every day.

8) Try a few of these affirmations:

a) I am open to receiving new avenues of abudance

b) I easily clear all of my debt

c) I am a magnet for money

d) I deserve abundance in my life and I accept it now.

9) Be grateful for all the abundance you do currently have in your life. In truth, you are richer than most people in the world!

10) Clear up your past. Do you owe anyone money or feel bad about something to do with money in your past? Write a list of how you plan to resolve this even if it 50 years from now. Also, forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made with money in the past.


Lisa Phillips is an experienced Life Coach and author based in Sydney, Australia. She has run her own coaching practice for over 9 years and is a regular contributer to many magazines. Lisa is also an NLP Practitioner.

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