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Where Your Mind Goes Your Money Follows

Monday, 29 August 2011 18:30

Written by Lia Fenelon

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If you regularly think or tell yourself things like "I just can't make ends meet", "I'll never be able to afford that", "Money is so hard to come by" or "I just don't have enough". Then a Poverty Mentality is exactly what you have. povety_mentality

Thinking or saying these things is an ingrained habit and one we need to break.

Just consider your own thoughts on this for a moment. Even if you don't have the money right now, why are you are assuming you'll never have it? Just because you are experiencing financial difficulty or don't have the money for the thing you want right now, doesn't mean you never will.

In truth most of us have experienced peaks and troughs – times when we could easily afford what we wanted and then the next thing we knew we can't find two pennies to rub together. However, we don't remember the good times; all we know is we ‘never' have enough money.

In reality anything could happen. You could get a better paid job, find a second job, be left an inheritance or win money on the lottery. These things happen to hundreds of people everyday. So why not you? I'll tell you why. These things happen if you believe they will….BUT if you believe that they won't, then they won't.

It all comes down to your unconscious beliefs because it is these that control your money flow. You can't just want to be rich or THINK yourself rich; you have to BELIEVE it can happen for you. You have to believe that being mega rich, well off, financially solvent, not struggling to pay bills (pick whatever level you are most comfortable with right now) is possible for you.

If this resonates with you and you want to know how you can change your beliefs, come back here and I'll give you some tips on how to exchange your poor mentality for a richer one soon…

So how to change your Poverty Mentality to something more positive?

Well, first you have to get rid of your old negative dialogues such as "I'm no good with money", "I can't seem to stretch my wages far enough", "Money just seems to slip through my fingers" or any of the above and replace them with new positive dialogue such as "I know how to manage my money well", "I always have a enough for what I need", "I easily save and grow my finances", "I know how to make my money work best for me".

Get into the habit of describing yourself and your circumstances positively and, in the present tense, so that you declare that you appreciate what you currently have, use what you have in the best way and know that more is coming to you. Try something like this "I am grateful that I have enough money for my needs right now", "I don't worry about my finances because I trust that I will always have enough for my wants and needs". "Although I'm not able to purchase what I want today but I know it will come to me when the time is right". Use the above as daily affirmations or you could make up your own.

You may not see instant results but pretty soon you'll start to see a difference in your money flow.

If you change your inner dialogue, and take action to go with it, such as putting aside £5 a month in a savings account to show you handle money responsibly and not spending what you don't have or getting into unnecessary debt (Ask yourself, do you really need that £110 handbag on your credit card or yet another expensive gadget?), you will begin to change your negative beliefs into positive ones.

Ok it may not be easy and may take some getting used to, but it really is that simple. And for those of you who were hoping for some magic formula – truly, this is it.

If you really make an effort to change your beliefs, if you do the above, your Poverty Mentality will transform into an Abundance Mentality and money will start to flow to you rather than away.


Lia Fenelon is a Theta Healer, Angelic Reiki Master, Colour Therapist and Intuitive Coach. She is the creator of Star Coaching, which helps women who are at a crossroads in their life to recover their hidden talents and abilities, discover their Life Purpose and become the Star they are meant to be.

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