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How to Live a Life of Extreme Abundance

Wednesday, 10 August 2011 22:51

Written by Trevor Johnson

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Although I could argue that we're all already living a life of extreme abundance compared with even a hundred years ago, most people would disagree with that statement. It's human nature to always want more! And most of us don't consider our homes, cars and lives in general as being an example of abundance. The grass next door is always greener. So here are some tips to taking your life to the next level and start living a extreme abundance by Trevor Johnsonlife of extreme abundance.

Set yourself a goal - a big goal

Napoleon Hill called this a burning desire and that's actually quite a good target to aim for. If you've ever pursued something or someone because you thought you absolutely had to, that was probably a burning desire.

Make this goal big and bright. Write it out in fine detail. Make up a whiteboard and paste pictures relating to your goal on it. Dream about your goal on a regular basis and get your mind to think that it's real in much the same way as it does when you watch a captivating movie.

The bigger the goal, the better. OK, maybe stop short of total world domination but certainly don't put yourself down or settle for second best. If the goal seems too big to be possible, that's probably about right on the scale of things!

Work on your goal every day

Your mind often doesn't take you seriously.

But if you're working towards your goal every single day then it will begin to get the idea that you're actually serious this time.

So make sure that you do something towards achieving your goal every single day. Whether it's making a phone call, typing some content or a letter, sending a bunch of (non-spam) emails or anything else that will move you one step closer to bringing your goal of extreme abundance into reality.

Keep on track on your journey

Near enough every journey in our life gets either side tracked or meets a diversion. It's how we deal with those changes and bumps in the road that determines whether or not we manage to reach our goal.

If you treat the first setback as a signal that it's all gone wrong and you'll never reach your goal then that will become a self fulfilling prophecy.

On the other hand, if you treat each setback or diversion as a learning experience that you need to meet head on and then overcome, you'll keep moving closer towards your target.

Remember that you're worth it

This is a biggie.

In fact, I'd wager that thinking that you're not worthy of extreme abundance is probably the biggest hold back that people experience.

Every time your conscious mind kicks in and suggests that you're not deserving enough to experience the extreme abundance that you're targeting, you need to deal with that thought.

If it's a nagging voice, turn the volume level down in your mind. Maybe even put the voice into a catapult and fire it off into the distance. It's a voice in your mind - no-one else can hear it - so you can treat it however you like, including banishing it from the kingdom of your mind! Then you've started to clear the way to achieving extreme abundance.


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