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Letter to my Soulmate

Friday, 14 January 2011 00:00

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

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Dear Soulmate

You came into my life like a breath of fresh air, your face is so familiar that I recognise it immediately. You are neither to tall or to small, you always look down with loving eyes to me. The energy I feel is one of unity and total love, a light direct from source.

You are caring and compassionate to me as well as others, but you don't suffer fools gladly. You deal with those who cross your path in a calm, caring understanding way, always making others feel better about themselves in a positive way.

Your face is beautiful with eyes that absorb my soul, with just one look we connect via our eyes always first and our bodies become entwined as one. You are protective of me but always allow my own judgement to fulfil my growth, and I will return that same loyalty you bestow on me.

Your funny in a comical dry way, witty but not sickly, you love my subtle humour as well a my qualities of loving, caring and understanding. We guide each other in a constant moving motion, and allow each other to see our vulnerable sides behind the masks we carry. 

We are always true to each other as well as ourselves, our passions will always be paramount but they will not separate us, they may give us time for our own growth independently  but they will always be respected and not envied, encouraged, but not indulged to the detriment of our relationship or friendship or partnership.  For we are united, but we work well away from each other for periods of time.

Your kisses are like luxurious chocolate of which I can not get enough of, your body is like a welcoming temple. Fat or Thin we see the true side of our souls. Your hugs make me warm and secure, you can hold my hand and lead me or I lead you and we will know we are safe in each others presence, or in time of need when not in each others presence, know that by all means, we would make sure we were safe, somehow. 

Our love for each other is not sickly but totally apparent, we kiss regularly and love each other with a passion, pleasure and total joy.  We are not afraid of our bodies in each others company, we are connected.

If I have bad days you will see and know this and leave me be until I need that comforting, and offer me wisdom if I need it, I promise to do the same. But even if those days may be for a time, I want you to know I love you and will be patient. And I hope you will remember to be therefore me for any periods of black cloud days.

You never forget a birthday of mine, even if it's just a card, you never forget an anniversary of ours and bestow with love and thoughtfulness of how you feel about our time together. I will do the same and even though I may not have the finance or the time, and like wise for you, we can be imaginative and find other ways of celebrating our coming together.

Our love extends to family and friends and most people we meet will feel our power as it emanates from "All-that-is".

All animals big and small will be seen by both of us as part of the whole, respected, adored and loved and protected to the best of our ability.

You will see and help me gain my needs and I will do the same for you.  We will try to be in balance as much as possible and when days that will come along that puts us out of sync either with each other or others, we always find a way back within no time, with no hard feelings.  We are best friends on top of everything else and share our deepest fears, joys, and feelings with no judgement.

We constantly move in tandem for our futures and that of our family, they are important, but in the same vein they won't over rule us. 

We love to travel together, and experience many different things and don't worry even though I may not like something I wouldn't stop you trying as long as it didn't go against my principles too much or morals and the same applies for you.

You will never or rarely say "I don't care" for you do care but rather if you or I for that matter as it applies to me too, that we do care but we can't see the solution available in order to solve what ever it is at the time.

We are honest with our feelings and will respect each others views even If we don't agree, they will never come between us.

We may come from different backgrounds but we incorporate what we have experienced from our different cultures with respect and balance.

There is plenty more that I could write to you my love, but we can talk about this more when we meet again...for we have known each other many life times and endured many pains together, this is our journey of remembrance and each day will be a new dawn, with joy and love and happiness and peace.

Originally written on 22nd March 2008 from the Journals of Loren Goldenberg- Kosbab

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