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Three days out of the experience for sure!

Sunday, 28 November 2010 18:44

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

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It's Friday and I have come back down to normality. For the last few evenings I have been attending a seminar or event, actually I don't know what to call evening with Dr. John Demartini, along with over 1000 other people. I was kindly given complimentary tickets to see him in West London, and all the journey not too far, quite a harrowing thought driving through London...but it was great! Thanks Angels! A straight journey through, parking right next door and very reasonable at £6 for the night....although the first night we did end up with the M1 closing...and driving double the distance to get home...such is life!

The event was quite electric, the energy was over powering at first and I wanted to escape, but I allowed myself to be engulfed by it all, and was taken on the crest of wave to a very enlightening destination.

Dr Demartini is one of the stars out of 'The Secret', and I have to say a fantastic speaker, who is wise, inspiring, funny, scientific as well as spiritual...He has a brain that absorbs everything, and missions that no one man would even consider achieving, but he's going to I have no doubt in that, the positivity oozes out of him, and latches on to you.

As I sat there listening to this 'Starman', a nick name he gives himself as one of his many passions is cosmology, is that this man was rare, and thought "you know what, we always talk about the old philosophers and prophets and their greatness, I wonder if this man will be regarded as that as some point? "

At this point in time it probably sounds like I am raising this man and putting him on a peddle stool, but that is something he wouldn't want nor me...excitement I think is how I would like term it, to hear a modern day wise man...although you wouldn't guess it at 53 and looking like a 30 plus year old...

The interesting thing is, that at the moment I am reading 'the astonishing power of emotions' by Esther Hicks and a lot of people don't realise that 'The Secret' Is based on 'The Law of Attraction' by Esther and when i got the tickets and they were for some Doctor I thought I better go look him up to see what all the fuss was about, I didn't realise that this guy was in the Secret...coincidence? I'd like to think synchronicity!

Of course everything is back to normal now, well sort of, he's inspired me certainly to look at my values and what I want to achieve this life time, which is a great gift really, I would dearly love to go on the program that he's got going in June, and hopefully this will be the case, if I use the principles of 'The law of Attraction' as the program is not cheap! I shall send out a rocket of desire!

There's something to be said about seeing someone in the flesh, I have read many many inspiration books, but when you see, hear and feel the energy from a man who is by the way extremely wealthy, finding out about his background and how he obtained that wealth, the wisdom and not to mention logic, but most of all how much he wants to give back to us, teach us how to obtain what he has, that's a kind of small miracle. Bless him...

So, I finish of with Love and Gratitude for a very out of the ordinary extraordinary teacher and lots of lovely friends who came too...

Originally written on Friday 11th January 2008

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