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Solar Ovens - The Power to Cook by Sun Light

04 September 2011

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

Solar_OvenHave you ever considered the idea of cooking your dinner by the power of the sun? No, I am not talking about electricity generated by solar panels. It's a lot simpler, a solar oven is a practical appliance for home or away, utilizing nothing more than the suns rays.

Bicarbonate of Soda: A Little Miracle in a Tub

05 July 2011

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab


Bicarbonate of Soda...It's not just for baking, there are health and hygiene benefits too!

The Attraction of Paying it Forward

04 July 2011

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

The attraction of paying it forward

We all want to experience and live abundantly, but sometimes it can seem rather hard to gain. While the steps might be simple, we can get caught up in our desires. The Law of Attraction is a two way street. In this article I talk about "paying it forward" and how we often have to give in order to receive abundance.

Spirit Mind Body Review - One minute Mindfulness: How to Live in the Moment by Simon Parke

28 June 2011

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

one minute mindfulnessNeed help achieving a peaceful mind? Check out my latest review on "One minute Mindfulness: How to Live in the Moment " by author Simon Parke.


Are Women losing their communicating skills?

10 June 2011

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

women communication

As women do we need to be a more mindful of our lack of communications skills within relationships and friendships?

Are you communicating effectively?

10 June 2011

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

Are you communicating effectively?

We all have fallings out from time to time due to miscommunication, and relations restore, but sometime it comes to communicating with someone close about how you feel and it can often lead to emotional distress and breakup, if it's got to that extreme it's likely you have a communication problem.

Spirit Mind Body Review - Infinite Possibilities - The Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley

16 March 2011

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

infinite-possibilities_bookCheck out my thoughts on the book "Infinite Possibilities - The Art of Living your Dreams" by teacher, author and featured speaker Mike Dooley, who appeared in "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, with my latest review.


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