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Anti-Aging and Laughter

Monday, 02 July 2012 18:56

Written by Unknown

Society tends to regard humor as frivolous, however, few activities are as mentally demanding and intellectually stimulating as humor.Humor helps you develop perspective and take yourself too seriously. laughter anti aging

Laughing uses a lot of muscles and stimulates the immune system. It exercises our minds. Humor can keep you mentally fit and add fun and enjoyment to your life.

Research shows that only 30% of longevity is genetic. Therefor 70% you control with your mind on how you think, with your body on how you keep yourself in shape, and the lifestyle you choose to live.

Th biggest factors are psychological i.e. Attitudes, Beliefs and Coping Skills.

Attitudes such as optimism, gratitude, having a sense of purpose and embracing lifelong learning and change.

Beliefs such as thinking of oneself as youthful, believing in making new friends all your life, and expecting to enjoy living a very long, healthy and happy life.

Coping skills such as dealing well with change, loss of health and death of a spouse or child, forming intimate relationships.

Learn to relax! Stress is one of the most harmful factors with respect to aging. It creates facial wrinkles, it influences digestion, and the absorption of vitamins and minerals by the body and other body functions, which leads to the deterioration of the body over time.

Studies in the 80's found that long-term stress can have a negative effect on our health. Feeling anxious, angry, or always tense negatively affects our immune system.

Loma Linda University researchers found that even anticipating a good laugh could produce health protecting hormones. Endorphins increased 27% and HGH ( an anti-aging hormone ) increased as much as 87% when people even just thought about watching a funny movie or video.

Laughter, including anticipated laughter, improves our health, boosts our energy, and without question improves your outlook on life.

Laughter is part of our genetic make-up. Babies start laughing spontaneously without coaching at a very early age.

We can stimulate laughter by viewing funny movies or videos, reading a funny book, reading a joke on the Internet, however, it has been proven that most of our humor and laughter comes from the silly things we think, hear, or share with others.

When we laugh, negative emotions are pushed away. It is impossible to be stressed and to laugh at the same time.

Laughter also provides exercise for the body. Laughter stimulates heart and blood circulation, improves lung capacity, exercises facial and abdominal muscles. Laughter exercise can be done regularly regardless of age, or level of physical fitness.

Anti-aging reasons to laugh daily

  • it reduces stress
  • it is a natural anti-aging tool
  • it helps us sleep better
  • it improves lung capacity and blood oxygen levels
  • it is contagious - it will extend to the people around you

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter" Mark Twain


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0 #1 Assignment star 2017-06-22 06:54
Despite the fact that it's healthy for the human body generally speaking, laughter is best known for lessening stress. Individuals who encounter long haul stress can go ahead to grow hypertension, trunk torment, and a sleeping disorder — all of which can add to weakness and exacerbate existing conditions, for example, diabetes. Stress can likewise make a man create heart issues, joint inflammation, melancholy, and uneasiness, all of which would lead be able to quickened, quicker maturing.

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