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Natural Flu Remedies to Preventing a Cold Or Flu

Wednesday, 07 December 2011 10:08

Written by Art Saborio

Are you aware there are natural Flu remedies which often are so easy to make use of, yet not many people know about them or make the effort to take advantage of them as defense against the influenza or cold. Following the actions specified in this articlepreventing colds or flu could eliminate a flu, cold or worse from taking over your body.

Below are a few highly recommended nutritional vitamin supplements that have the ability of preventing a flu or cold and additionally aid in recovering from a viral assault. They can work with even the most powerful of colds or flu. Should the body be deficient in what these vitamin supplements can give, then you can be confident the immune system is not functioning effectively and possibly over-worked.

Present Day Natural Flu Remedies

Probiotic supplements may be discovered in practically any pharmacy, drug retailer, health food retailer and big chain stores. What they do is rather fascinating and supply a specific level of viral protection for the body.

Probiotics are considered to be the "good bacteria" (they're also known as intestinal flora) which live in your gut. These tiny microorganisms aid in the body's ability to process food. An additional function is their capability to defend against toxins and germs. Not many people today know this, but the digestive tract is the first line of defense against a lot of unique diseases, frequent colds, flu and viral invaders.

A group of scientists conducted a recent study on the strength of probiotics. The test was to measure the percentage of test volunteer who got the cold virus while taking probiotics versus those that only took a placebo.

The test group consisted of 272 healthy volunteers. They took part in a double-blind placebo-controlled study (this is considered the gold standard in scientific circles). Half of the volunteers were given a daily probiotic with a concentration of a billion units of active healthy bacteria. The other volunteers were given a placebo.

After 12 weeks, the test volunteers who were given the probiotics had shown a definite healthy edge over those that just took the placebo.

1) Those that were using the probiotic got twelve percent less colds. 2) To make things even more interesting the probiotic volunteers got over their colds thirty percent quicker. 3) Finally, when a volunteer did get a cold, the probiotic test volunteer had less severe symptoms.

As you can see, there is value in taking simple probiotics everyday. Not only will your digestive system function better, you will also get valuable protection against natures viruses, bacterias and more.

Other Flu Protection

An additional valuable yet basic health supplement is vitamin D. If an individual takes a one a day vitamin they're most likely acquiring the recommended dosage each day. What vitamin D does is gets the T cells moving and keeps them active. A lack of vitamin D can genuinely put a strain on an immune system. You can find those who might will need far more vitamin D to stay healthy. It's often greatest to enhance supplement usage under the care of a health professional. Too over-dosing on a supplement can have a reserve effect on the body.

A weak immune system is a very dangerous situation. The weaker the immune system. the more susceptible the body is to any type of viral attack or disease. Supplements are considered good home remedies for the flu.

Vitamin D is one of those supplements you may want to consider when planning for cold and flu season. Your health professional is your best bet for the right dosage of vitamin D.


There is a natural way to prevent a cold or flu. Learn more through our FREE guide at A weak immune system is just a start of more problems to come. Natural flu remedies is more than just preventing flu, it is a step forward in regaining your health.

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