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When To Take Prebioitcs and Which Type Will Provide The Maximum Health Benefits

Monday, 21 November 2011 12:11

Written by Ric Hawkins

The question of when to take prebiotics is one I am increasing asked, as more people become aware of the huge benefits they provide, and instead of the more well-known but less effective probiotics.  prebiotic

When to take prebiotics

The answer here simply depends on whether you are taking a supplement or eating natural food sources. Obviously with food sources, you take them with your meals!

If you are using prebiotic supplements, then it is best to take them after you have eaten a meal, not before, in order to get the maximum benefits from them.

In addition, you should always take them, and any other supplements, at least three hours apart from any prescription meds you may be taking, or their effect with be less.

The best prebiotic natural food and supplement for that matter is the kiwifruit. This contains all the essential elements you need for optimal digestive and overall health.

You should aim to eat at least two fresh ones each day and unfortunately that includes the skin, as most of the goodness resides there!

These wonderful fruits provide you with soluble fiber, enzymes and phenolics to improve your health. The fiber helps to improve your digestion, the enzymes aid in the breaking down of your food and the phenolics increase the good bacteria and inhibit the growth of the bad ones naturally.

This is far more effective than adding an unknown quantity of good bacteria and hoping for the best, as with probiotic drinks and yogurts.

Instead of eating fresh kiwi each day, the alternative is to use a kiwi based supplement. Most of them and the powders available though are low quality, with the majority coming from freeze-dried powder made without the all important skins.

Look for quality supplements that contain the equivalent of two whole kiwis including the skins, and ones which are extracted using a natural water process. This type of system uses only water to extract the full potency without the need for any harmful chemicals.

Now you know when to take prebiotics and which is the most effective type, you can look forward to significantly improved digestive health and enhanced overall health and well-being too.


Ric Hawkins is a dedicated researcher of the amazing health benefits of natural supplements including quality kiwifruit based prebiotics. Take a moment to visit his site now at and discover the latest supplements he recommends after extensive research.

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