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Feng Shui Tips to Attracting Wealth to Your Home

Sunday, 25 September 2011 16:09

Written by Lynn Lee

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The 'wind and the water' or Feng Shui has been a large part of many traditional and modern Chinese folks for thousands of years and have followed them into the 21st century of modernity and the information age. I can totally understand this attitude, I mean everyone needs all the luck they can get and the great thing about Feng Shui is that it is very affordable and the effects can be life feng_shui_tipschanging.

Millions of people swear by Feng Shui and if you are at all interested in bringing a tidal wave of luck and prosperity to your life, here are some fengshui tips to attracting wealth to your home.

Colours Of Your House
One of the best ways is to have a look at the colours of your house. White is a bad colour for most Chinese especially in Feng Shui because is represents death. Colour is important in bringing prosperity to your home because it creates a vibrant relationship with nature.

Try to add some red into important areas of the house, like your work area, or even the bedroom. Shades of red and even pink will do as they are colours of luck in oriental tradition. Luck translates directly into wealth and prosperity.

Gold is also considered to be one of the best colours to use. Try to accessorise your place with some gold, a Chinese speciality shop is one of the best places to look, or if one isn't available, Western substitutes will sometimes do just as well.

Arrangement Of Your House
Feng shui and Chi - or good energy needs more space and less clutter for energy to be attracted to your home and flow evenly within. This is where some rearrangement needs to take place and if a place looks messy and gives you an uncomfortable feeling, it is more than just likely that it has some really bad feng shui and is chasing your wealth 'Chi' away faster than a bad smell in a small room. Breathing spaces are important especially in places in your house where you store money or do work.

Also, exits should never be in clear views within the house - especially when you first walk in to your house. Money and prosperity riding on waves of good energy will walk in to your place and leave just as quickly through exits. Don't make them the highlight of your décor, and some Chinese households even use a screen to cover them up.

Have a look into feng shui crystals, because they are believed to be powerful tools that resonate with frequencies that bring wealth, health and prosperity to the household. Do a bit of research because each crystal has a specific purpose.

These are just some fengshui tips to transform your place from a vacuum of profit to a living breathing magnet for wealth and opportunity. The process is most of the time simple and if you can invest a bit more, have a Feng Shui Master to come and have a peek and your place - maybe make some recommendations. You won't regret it.


 Lynn Lee is a celebrated authority on Feng Shui providing valuable advice at

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