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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall? Feng Shui How-To

Friday, 17 September 2010 09:34

Written by Annie B. Bond

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They can expand a narrow hallway or draw sunlight into a dark room. The author finds mirrors to beMirrors Feng Shui spectacular for long alley kitchens and spaces that need to draw in natural sunlight.

Amazing things happen when you use a mirror that effectively pulls in the outdoors and warmth from the sun. But they can also have a negative impact.

One woman had a whole 10-foot wall of small strip mirrors. They reflected the highway in front of her house. The woman who moved into the house developed heart problems and multiple panic attacks.Sitting in her living room it looked like the highway was driving through it, with cars flying and swerving around the room. Worse, the small mirrors made the images vibrate and distort!

Mirrors have a powerful effect on your well-being. How are you best using mirrors? What might be harmful? What is the ideal use of mirrors?

Mirrors are powerful and not to be taken lightly. Small mirrors can cause distortion and they often chop up an image.

Full Reflection Mirrors are Ideal
A mirror is ideal when you can see yourself clearly in it. It is the only time you see yourself, and it is best that it be a true reflection. A mirror that encompasses more than just a bit of an image, in other words a full picture, reflects balance and allows the brain to integrate.

One couple contacted the author. The husband felt that his efforts were going unnoticed at work. During a tour of their home the author noticed that the mirrors that were all very old and cracked, and hung very low. When asked why the mirrors were hung so low, the wife said that because she was shorter than her 6-foot-5-inch husband, she assumed he could bend down to see himself in the mirrors set for her height.

The problem was that he never did bend down, and energetically every mirror cut his head off; thus he never saw his own true reflection. The couple installed new mirrors. On some level he really did want to look in a clear mirror in the morning, and to his surprise he found that the new mirror that encompassed the whole upper half of his body helped him feel more integrated.

Spooky Mirrors
Have you ever walked by a mirror and felt spooked, as if you had seen a ghost? Well, certain arrangements of mirrors can be shocking. For example, two mirrors placed on opposite walls facing each other can be disconcerting and make you feel ungrounded, because when you look in the mirror you could see your reflection ad infinitum. This tends to bring up insecurities, as well as ancestral memories. The author saw this once in a place where two large mirrors faced each other, creating a whirlwind of subconscious issues.

Adapted by Annie B. Bond from Feng Shui: Back to Balance, by Sally Fretwell (New World Library, 2001).

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