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Indian Head Massage

Sunday, 16 January 2011 18:57

Written by Linda Graham

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Indian Head Massage is rapidly becoming a very popular treatment in England and many people regularly enjoy the benefits of this wonderful treatment.

Indian Head Massage is an ancient art dating back into history as far as 5,000 years and is part of the Ayurverdic healing system. Enlightened sages brought Ayurveda into manifestation for the betterment of humanity. They indianheadmassagerealised that a healthy body is necessary for continuous progress in life and for full good health one must treat the whole person mind, body and spirit.

Almost every mother in the sub-continent has practiced Head massage, which has become both a customary and integral part of family life. In the warm seasons you can see mothers sitting on their futons outside their homes massaging her children as they sit on her lap. Cranial massage is also part of common practice with the barbers in East Asia.

If you have never had an Indian Head Massage you will not be aware of the most fantastic benefits from this treatment. There are many psychological benefits and these include, stress, anxiety and relief of mental tension. It brings about a feeling of calm and peace. It is an ideal stress-busting treatment for those suffering with stress, tight shoulders, and muscle tension. It also helps eye strain, insomnia, and sinusitis.

...this treatment can carried out anywhere and anytime...

This amazing treatment somehow tidies up all the busy areas in our head, organizing everything until we reach a point of clarity. So therefore Indian Head Massage helps improve concentration.

A peaceful room with relaxing music, incense and candles burning is the perfect atmosphere for Indian Head Massage. However this ancient treatment is very versatile as it can carried out anywhere and anytime. It is non-invasive and ideal for shy clients as the treatment is given fully clothed. The beauty of this treatment is that it is also suitable for all age groups.

Everyday more companies are inviting Indian Head Massage practitioners to their offices to give on-site massage, helping to relieve stress, eyestrain and improve concentration. All of this is great company care for the workforce and productivity increases.

Indian Head Massage is also beginning to appear all over the country in clinics, hairdressing salons and nursing residential homes.

...each energy centre relates to a different type of emotion...

An important part of the Indian Head Massage treatment is to be able to diagnose the state of the Padmas or Chakras. These are energy gates or centre's and are active at all times. Prana, Chi or energy, moves through the Chakra or energy gate to produce psychic states.

There are seven main Chakra centres each relating to different parts of the body. Each energy centre relates to a different type of emotion, colour and musical note. It is really important that these energy centre's are balanced and cleared by releasing stagnant energy to help the body work in a more harmonious manner. This helps the Prana or Chi to flow smoothly.

Indian Head Massage is performed with the client seated in a comfortable chair. Oils can be used during the treatment, however this is not particularly necessary. The practitioner works from behind using a flowing sequence incorporating the shoulders and upper back, the arms, neck, ears, scalp, percussion and pressure point techniques. The treatment will take 45 minutes, so with consultation an hour is allowed for.

There are an abundance of physical benefits from Indian Head Massage. This profound treatment helps by improving blood circulation to the head and neck which speeds up the interchange of oxygen, nutrients, carbon dioxide and waste. It increases the blood flow and nourishment to the muscles and can promote hair growth. It definitely improves the condition of hair. Lymphatic drainage is improved from the head and neck area thus aiding the removal of toxins. Indian Head Massage releases tension therefore aiding mobility in the neck and shoulder region. Many of our clients have found great relief for whiplash and other such injuries.

...this is not a pampering exercise...

The beauty of this treatment is that whilst it brings fantastic stress relief and relaxation it also is physically revitalising producing a very healthy balance. Although it is true to say that for some after a treatment they start off feeling very tired and need to rest to allow the healing process to work. Once rested the revitalising energy will shine through.

This is a wonderful treatment. If you haven't had an Indian Head Massage may I suggest you find a good practitioner affiliated to the Institute of Indian Head Massage and let yourself in for a real treat. This is not a pampering exercise. There is much more to Indian Head Massage than meets the eye. All practitioners whose training has followed the strict guidelines of the Institute of Indian Head Massage will be tapping into the depth of the Ayurvedic magic. With regular treatments you will begin to experience a subtle and definite positive change in your life.


Linda Graham is a Spiritual Artisit as well as an Indian Head Massage Tutor. if you would like to know more please visit her website

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