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4 Steps to Manage Your Life, Manage YOUR Stress

Saturday, 08 January 2011 23:29

Written by Eileen Burns

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Here are some simple tips and tools to help you manage and reduce your stress in 2011.

Manage your Life , You Manage YOUR Stress!stress

1.Take Action

Don’t hide from problems, this only increases anxiety levels

Be active : seek professional advice and support.
Be Assertive: learn to say “no”


What is Very Important, Important or Not Important.
What is a Need ? What is a Want ?

3. Manage YOUR Time

analyse your day, your workload at home or work and work out a more effective timetable for those things you NEED to do.

4. Make Time for PLAY

Take time out- YES tea-break, lunch, holidays and days off. Your body needs to be reminded on how to relax daily .

Learn to Relax- deep relaxation is the key to coping with stress, it encourages good quality sleep, boosts our energy and wellbeing. Relaxation Techniques are ideal for those with busy or stressful life’s.

Therapeutic Hobbies- 20 min reading, making cards or even colouring in can help reduce your stress levels, particularly effective at bedtime.

Exercise- a simple walk with the dog is a great stress release. More heart pumping exercise is great for your heart and boosts happy hormones.

Eileen Burns, Stress-Coach, if you would like to know more about what Eileen has to offer, please visit her website

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