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Solar Ovens - The Power to Cook by Sun Light

Sunday, 04 September 2011 18:13

Written by Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab

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Whether you’re a believer in “global warming” or not, going Eco is beneficial for all. With the ever-increasing population and rising fuel prices, there will come a time that resources will be non-existent (for some it already is), maybe not in our lifetime, but certainly in our children’s.

With all our technological advances
It still appears that we are decades away from finding a source of clean energy to replace the current fuels on mass scale. We have a responsibility now to implement new ways of sustainable energy and not rely on conventional fuels anymore, or wait until they have figured out what that actually will be.

The good news, among these technological advances lies a world of possibility and ingenious devices, which don’t rely on the existing “dirty” energy resources such as “carbon or nuclear”. Wind power is already being used, although they are far and few between due to local opposition.  Then there is solar power.

Power to the People
It is quite expensive to implement a solar power system, but how about on a smaller scale?

Amazed to read that there was such a thing as a solar oven. Even more excited that their use had been proven in areas devastated by natural disasters, such as Haiti and not just another gimmick!

So what is a Solar Oven?
Simply, it’s a insulated box covered with glass or Plexiglas with aluminium foil panels on the top to concentrate the rays from the sun and is Solar_Ovennot limited just to summer or sunny climates.

You can cook all sorts in it, from roast chicken and baked potatoes to bread! You can even use one of these, if you are a raw food enthusiast to dry your foods! Foods are apparently tasty and succulent and there are actually plenty of books and videos on the subject of cooking in one.

A normal oven takes about one and half hours to cook a 3lb chicken, about 5,110 watts of energy is used in the process, in a solar oven you can cook the chicken for the same amount of time, assuming you don’t have many clouds and keep the sun on it as much as possible. This oven will heat between 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (150 –200 degrees centigrade) and on days with little sun you can slow cook instead, and it’s totally free clean energy!

How much is a Solar Oven?
The typically costs of a solar oven to buy are around 299 US dollars, in UK you can find them on eBay retailing from around £224 buy it now, but some auctions start bidding from £137 upwards, if you are a lucky bidder you could get a bargain!

Nice idea, but can’t justify the expense?
If you really like the idea of using natural energy sources how about this - you can craft your own oven mostly from recyclable materials and additional materials for under £10 a fraction of the cost, and it works just the same!

How to Build
You will find the materials and instructions here on how to build one and here’s a video in two parts on YouTube showing you the basic construction.

A Powerful Resource
If you love cooking and like to save money too, then with only a small outlay this gift of knowledge is a very powerful tool. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, as it’s kind of like cooking your food “camping style”.

One thing for sure - it’s an inexpensive start towards a more eco friendly way of life, a feeling of participation in the conservation of our beautiful planet and utilising the wonderful resources available to us from our sun, that beautiful star in our solar system that gives us life.


Loren Goldenberg-Kosbab is a creator, communicator and fellow adventurer on this journey called life.  Alternative Health practitioner and Holistic Web designer by profession she owns and runs Spirit Mind Body UK website. Conceived and built at a cross roads in her life with the desire to connect with like minded souls; learn from them and pass knowledge on from her life experiences. At another cross roads now, Loren has embarked on a new adventure, her realised life purpose…writing.

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