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10 Easy Ways to MORE Authenticity And Charisma in Your Life and Relationships

Wednesday, 10 August 2011 23:13

Written by Chun Jia

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Being true, genuine, and charismatic will lead you to a better life and relationship with other people around you. Two usual traits you see from happy and successful people are authenticity and charisma. They both being more authentic by Chun Jiawork hand in hand in providing a better person in you. But the question is how can you integrate more of them in your life? What are the ways to become more genuine to the people you already know and become more charismatic for those people you'll meet in the future?

Remember that authenticity and charisma are two important tenets in building trust. People will trust you if they see in you those characteristics. While a lot of people would say that it must be mastered in a span of time, there are actually many simple ways to more authenticity and charisma both in your life and relationships:

  1. Actions speak louder than words. You use words to convince others, you use actions to get their trust. People will start to believe you and think you're authentic not because you speak so well but because you validate your words with actions.
  2. Use the power of convincing. While actions carry more weight to earn trust, words are still very powerful in order for you to be charismatic. Just think of it this way – how can you convince someone to go with you on a date when you can't even utter a single word in front of that person? But put in mind that words alone are not enough. It must be combined with the power of convincing. Convincing words will give you a good first impression.
  3. Be presentable. Remember that charisma is all about providing a positive impression on the mind of another person. You can therefore build more of it by being presentable, much better attractive in front of other people. You gain more friends, followers, and admirers by simply putting the best effort on how you look on the outside.
  4. Be quick and effective in creating a rapport. Building effective bond and relationship with other people does not mean projecting an image that is not a true representation of who you really are. Do not commit the mistake of being someone else. Connect to anyone by being you. In that way, they'll realize later on that you have a genuine personality.
  5. Stand up for your values. Most of the time, people commit the mistake of agreeing to others even though it is against their values, just to gain their confidence and trust. If you want to attain more charisma and trueness, stand up for what you truly believe in. Do not be afraid to disagree and point out your side. You have to be reminded that although they may not like you for opposing a certain value or decision, your act will definitely leave an impression that you're authentic.
  6. Be passionate on what you do. Passion can be seen through body language. If you're real, you don't just play with others, you will learn to love to play with them. Politicians are forced to mingle with lower class voters during elections to build charisma but try so hard to avoid the same people the moment they get the position in the office. They don't manifest passion. Instead, the act itself is a symbol of rudeness and disrespect.
  7. Be a role model. There is no better way of being more charismatic than projecting a role model image. If you want to be a good leader, you have to be a good follower yourself. You cannot talk about how to become successful in life when you yourself are not an epitome of it.
  8. Set good intentions. When you communicate, correspond, and create a bond with other people, what they commonly see at first is your gesture. You try your best to act as if you have good intentions for them. Sadly though, some of us just cover the bad intentions with quite impressive words and gestures. Thus, in order to attain more authenticity and charisma in your life, make sure you have good intentions for others.
  9. Be true to yourself. Being authentic and charismatic means you don't have to be a pretender. Pretentious people are those who like to present a false image of themselves in the hope of getting an advantage or leverage from others.

  10. Stick with morality. Lastly, you can obtain a good reputation of being true and charismatic if you follow norms and good moral values. You cannot expect others to look up to you and trust you if you can't show them that you're a good follower and example to them.


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