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Embracing Pain, Creating Change

Saturday, 23 July 2011 17:08

Written by Sarah Liddle

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Most people will admit that sometimes the darkness is better than the light because they are more familiar with the dark than the light, embracing_painwhich now seems like a stranger one has never met. Lets admit we are living in a society that promotes instant gratification, an illusion created by the media to yearn for, on top with a lot of followers making you feel awkward and an outcast if you step of track from the masses. What most consider pleasure has actually built up a storehouse of inner pain, inner longing, and inner discontent and edginess. We have become so addicted to the darkness, and to the pain that we have become, we are unconsciousness to recognize it is still there inside us and cannot be covered up by third density thinking.

We enter into any sort of pain for a million and one reasons, pain that is either created by ego, or pain from a starved and suffering soul. Our pain is nothing to be afraid of, we can be in pain because we are making changes, are drawn away from something or someone, living our life not to our standards but to others, or giving too much of ourselves and not being open in return to receiving.

Whatever the nature of your pain, ego, soul, external inflicted, internal, afflicted, intense, mild, hot or spicy, it is ultimately your pain that takes your consciousness to greater levels. If we observe ourselves to examine our pain a little closer we can see that we have friction in our bodies, which is caused by an imbalance. This imbalance is illustrating to us that we are not in alignment with our higher self, we are not being true to who we authentically are at our core. Erase the friction and you erase the pain by anchoring in on who you authentically are.

The imbalance, or friction is caused from two apposing forces. E.g. you might want something right this very moment but you cannot have it right now. If you illuminate one of the two apposing forces by believing "although I do not have it now, I know I am a part of all things, therefore if I am willing to believe I can have it because it is a part of me" the pain cannot exist. But knowing which of the two forces to illuminate can be the challenge.

Pain can be used as a motivator to move from third density to fourth density if seen correctly and put into proper perspective. Particularly you may receive a lot of pain when making the shift from third density to fourth due to the nature and difference of densities. Both are very different and need a different set of beliefs, thoughts, feelings and perspectives to be integrated into ones life.

Do not doubt in your ability in making a shift in consciousness, do not doubt that you may not have what it takes and to be all that you can be all that you can be in a new density. To grow, evolve and become more of your authentic self. Illuminate the doubt by just knowing that you are already this change you are creating. You are already all that you can ever be, you are the smaller part of the larger whole and because you are a smaller part you are connected to all that exist. Cut yourself of from this connection, and you feel separation, feeling separated, you feel lost, you feel insecure, you feel not good enough, you feel guilty, you feel sinful, you feel wronged. But bring yourself back home to your core and you feel a part of the universe, your soul, your life, those that walked before you and those that will walk after you, you feel alive, you feel whole, and you feel complete and unwavering love. You are a part of everything that exists.

You are now beginning to see that the world is not what it was, and you are not who you were a week ago, a day ago, a millisecond ago. You are now awakening to the changes that are occurring internally. These changes are happening for a reason, a reason far greater than you can imagine, they are happening for your soul purpose.

Pain can be both ego inflicted and soul inflicted, either or to us it is pain. The dying of the ego will cause pain, as you move from third density to forth you will find each piece that drops of from the ego will create friction, which will cause pain. The people that will leave your life will cause pain, if something does not turn out the way you would like it can cause pain, any change that effects the ego will create friction and pain. While the ego is dying due to the shift in your consciousness you may find that the death of the ego actually brings up your strength, vitality and soul voice.

So although you may not know exactly what you are doing just this second, although you are chartering rocky waters where you are feeling pain, you can know within your heart that you are feeling pain for a reason. A reason beyond mortality. You are feeling pain because the ego is dying, the soul is being strengthened and your inner life force that is connected to all that exist is beginning to shine through to create change.

It is at this time and place of pain you will meet with terror, inner demons, and confusion. It is in this time that you can be easily thrown off course, you can easily resort to what will give you an instant boost and high and make you feel good. But at the end of it all you have to keep dealing with yourself. Be gentle, be patient, be loving and be kind because you are moulding new beliefs and a new way of living in a world where ego is the norm. An emerging new earth is possible because you are making it possible, because you work through the friction and the pain that it creates you are changing the course of human evolution.

Now you may at times wish it was possible to turn back and go curl up into your old way of being because after all it was nice there and cozzie in the dark, but there is no turning back, once the key is in the door the door flings open whether we like what we see and feel or not. The door is open and what emerges in the light of the other side confronts us face to face. Hello!

The door that opens, opens because your higher self asked it to open, it asked for this growth a long, long, long time ago, to deny and run you deny yourself and the very mother universe that created you. There is no running, hiding, ducking, curling up or ignoring it. Lets face it!

Lets experience the growing pains, embrace the friction, and make the shift from ego to soul, from third to fourth density, and from head to heart.


Sarah Liddle is a Certified Professional Coach, Wellness Teacher, Healer and Writer. She is the Founder and Director for The International College of Wellness Coaches, a College educating the Wellness Coaches of the future. Sarah has written articles for Succeed Magazine, Inner Self, The Art of Healing, Insight and Vision Magazine. For more information visit 

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