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Discover Your Intuition Style and Make Wiser Decisions

Wednesday, 09 February 2011 17:00

Written by Gini Grey

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When you discover your intuition style – that particular way of discerning what’s best for you – you naturally make wiser decisions in life. Some people follow their gut instinct, some trust their emotional response, and others rely on a subtle inner knowing. The most important thing is to get out of the head and into the body, heart and soul. The intellectual mind is great for gathering information, organizing data, and analyzing the pros and cons of any situation, but when it comes to making wise decisions, the mind falls short.discovering_you

Chetan Parkyn, author of Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be, explains that the mind is “designed to process, not decide. It is spilt into two hemispheres and therefore has two diverse ways of viewing the world. It is indecisive by nature, so a mental decision becomes as reliable as flipping a coin. Getting your mind around this truth is the first step on the path to wiser decision making.”

Parkyn’s book uses the Human Design system, which is a combination of astrology, the chakra system, the I Ching and the Kabbalah, to guide people to discover their true personality type and their “authority” for making effective decisions. “Authority”, or what I refer to as intuition, gives you the “ability to take charge of your life. It allows you to trust your decisions, removing hesitancy and installing confidence,” notes Parkyn. For an in-depth exploration of your true nature and your ideal life path, read Parkyn’s book, and for a description of the various authorities for making wiser decisions, read on.

Discover Your Intuition Style
Depending on a person’s Human Design chart, their best decisions will come from one of the following five energy centers. See which one resonates with you.

1. The Emotions.
If your emotional center is defined in your chart, “feelings rule your life and you’re here to surf them,” says Parkyn. Do you often feel like you’re riding a roller coaster ride of emotions? Do you tend to make rash decisions? You might hang onto pleasurable feelings too long and get carried away, or you might suddenly decide to take action and regret it down the road. The key to your intuitive style is to observe your emotions without attachment and allow them to settle before making decisions. Sitting in the eye of the hurricane is where you’ll find your clarity. This may take an hour, a day or a month, depending on the situation, but when you find this inner stillness, you know what feels right and natural for you; follow this peaceful feeling.

2. The Sacral.
The sacral energy center sits just below the belly button. If this is defined in your chart, you need to literally follow your gut instinct. You may have been raised to listen to your intellectual mind, but your best intuitive tool to make wise decisions is your gut feeling. So as Parkyn suggests, “wait until there is a clear response that speaks from the lower belly with an “uh-huh” for “yes” and “uh-uh” for “no,” or that sensation of being drawn toward or repelled by something.” Start by practicing with simple choices, such as what to eat for dinner, then move onto the more important life decisions, and before you know it, you’ll have your inner radar system up and working.

3. The Spleen.
With a defined spleen “you are designed to seize the “now,” deciding instantaneously, without hesitation,” notes Parkyn. This is opposite to the emotional authority so it might seem rash, but it’s what’s appropriate if this is your intuitive style. You know in a nanosecond whether something is true or false, sincere or insincere. It’s important for you to pay attention to your first instincts on what you observe. If you hesitate or bring your mind into the picture, you’ll lose the moment and risk making a mistake. Trust your senses to guide you to the best decision in the moment.

4. The Heart.
What your heart desires is your truth if your heart center is defined. Following your bliss is your natural intuition style no matter what others might say to dissuade you. “When you need to make a decision, tune in to your heart. The reliable “yes” or “no” can be found in what your heart is drawing you toward or pulling you from,” says Parkyn. You know that feeling of a sinking heart or a soaring one; let this be your guide.

5. The Self.
The self authority relies on inner knowing; that subtle sense that this is the best direction to go in. It’s a simple knowing without knowing why. Parkyn recommends that someone with this energy center defined “move their attention to the sternum, the midcenter of the rib cage. It is here that a physical sensation brushes you, emanating from the Self.” Your decision may not make any sense to your mind, emotions or gut, but it’s emanating from your true nature or higher self so trust it.

For the rare person who doesn’t have any energy centers defined, they need to do a little research and wait about a month – the time it takes for the moon to go through its full cycle – as this will allow time for their various chakra centers to be briefly activated and give them the answers they need to make intuitive decisions.


Gini Grey is a Transformational Coach, writer and teacher with a passion for personal and spiritual growth. After spending many years working for a mental health organization educating the public on mental illness and wellness topics, she returned to graduate school at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology to study wellness counseling and body/mind consciousness. Studying spiritual awareness, energy healing and energy reading at the Leyline Center for Spirituality, she loves to bring spiritual insights into her articles, books and CD, as well as into short video and audio clips. If you would like to know more about Gini Grey please visit her website

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