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Policy and Terms

Friday, 19 March 2010 21:27

Written by Loren

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Spirit Mind Body UK Privacy,
Terms and Conditions

Public Notice

The contents of the Directory, Advertisements, Banners or Web Presences on or within the Spirit Mind Web Site are of the contributors concerned and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts of Spirit Mind In no way does Spirit Mind recommend or endorse any of the advertisers' products or services unless stated otherwise. We advise all who use this Directory to use their own powers of discernment and to satisfy themselves of the authenticity of any advertisement before proceeding.

Privacy Policy: ~ We take all Kindred Spirits privacy serious, therefore we do not sell, rent or pass on your details to any third parties.

Please Note: If all fields are filled, they will be displayed publicly.

Therefore, you have the option to place your personal details if you so wish. If you opt to place any of your personal details within the Directory, Advertising, Banner, or Events Sections or any  other future sections which SMB may offer, then this will be deemed immediately upon submission by SMB that you are accepting full responsibility for  any circumstances, consequences, or actions that may occur as a result of this personal decision.

By signing up for a Spirit Mind Body Member editor account details you will have your email address automatically submitted for our monthly newsletter and from time to time you may be contacted regarding any offers that we may have. If you don't wish to receive our newsletter you can remove your name from the newsletter list, upon receiving the first newsletter.

Terms & Conditions

The following words ‘SMB' 'Spirit Mind'  'iPyramidia' or 'iPyramidia Web Design’, 'iPyramidia Holistic Web Resources' in this policy are inclusive to all services provided by Spirit Mind and sister company iPyramidia Web Design.

The following Terms & Conditions apply to all services provided by SPIRIT MIND and iPyramidia Web Design.

SMB cannot and does not assume any liability for the correctness or comprehensiveness of the information herein. SMB makes no warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Under no circumstances shall SMB be liable for lost profits, consequential, incidental, or special damages, or other claims.

Members Notice

Upon Listing and every time you use the services provided by SMB, by doing so you are accepting the practices described in these Terms and Conditions.

All data contained in the database is provided by SMB and is for reference purposes only. SMB does not warranty,
express or implied, the completeness or accuracy of data.

By accessing this website you agree that you will use this data contained herein for lawful purposes only and agree not to:

  1. Allow, enable or otherwise support the unsolicited distribution of commercial advertising by electronic mail, direct mail, facsimile or telephone.

  2. Compile, collect, aggregate, repackage, sell, barter, distribute or otherwise disseminate the data without the written consent of SMB .

  3. Unlawfully obtain records or information from SMB Directory, Advertisements or Banners via screen-scraping (the capturing or copying of information displayed on-screen via an automated electronic process) or other automated processes designed to bypass current website functionality.

  4. Directory Listings, Advertisements or Banners

  5. Free Links
    Are only obtainable by adding signing up and adding your details. By signing up as an editor regardless of adding links you will be agreeing to Spirit Mind Body on occasions contacting you in regards to any promotional offers or SMB announcements. The listing/s submitted will be visible on an on going basis as long as it complies with the following terms and conditions.

  6. Reciprocal Links:
    If you display one of our linkbuttons on your Websites Home Page.

    Up to 50% Discount on Advertising can be gained by adding our Link Button,  it must be in place on your home page at the top of the homepage in a prominent position, either on the right, middle or left side, such as under a menu. It must also be above any other Link buttons to other sites. It must not be resized and must remain in its original state and not be altered in any way. It must be displayed prior to purchasing advertising, and for the duration of the advertising. Failing to do so will null and void your listing and it will be removed instantly.

  7. SMB reserves the right to reject or remove any Directory Listing, Advertisement or Banner submitted, at their sole discretion.
  8. If payment has been accepted it may still be refused for the following reasons:

    a. It may contain offensive material not picked up by our checking system.
    b. The proprietors or their representatives may consider the advertisement to be unsuitable and they reserve the right to refuse any listing, advertisement or banner.
    c. The listing, advertisement or banner may contain claims that go against Advertising Trading Standards.

  9. In order to maintain the integrity of the SMB Web Site it is important that all members update e.g. change of address, email, phone number etc or remove their listings if they are no longer valid.

  10. Refunds:
    May be made at the discretion of the proprietor within the first 7 days of submission, accompanied by a valid reason for refund request.

  11. No refunds will be made for cancellation of advertisements or banner placements. If removal is requested of the advertisement or banner before the allotted time has been reached, then it will be subject to an administration fee of £10.

  12. SMB reserves the right to terminate access to SMB Membership Facilities including database at its sole discretion.

  13. SMB is not in any way responsible for any products sold by individual listing members via their listings. SMB is not responsible for the suitability, functionality and conduct of third party payment gateways, e.g. PayPal, Nochex etc. You agree to indemnify us from responsibility for problems/disruptions caused by payment gateway, server or ISP downtime. We cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability. We take all reasonable steps to keep the service functioning; but in common with all websites published on the internet, the service can become unavailable without warning at any time.

  14. Special Offers:
    Certain conditions or allowances only apply whilst the special offer is active. Temporary terms & conditions may will be specified at the time of offer for the period during and up to date a particular expiry date. Once the Special has expired, all listings will return to normal terms and conditions as above, and in certain circumstances the permanent terms and conditions will continue to be apply to existing members and their listings prior to the Special Offer.

    Web Presences, Web Sites & Other Services

Web Presences, Web Sites & Other Services  are via our sister site  and the following extract of terms and conditions are from iPyramidia Web Design Agreement.  This Agreement will need to be completed, with your name and address, dated and signed and sent along with a deposit before web design creation takes place.

View a copy of the Agreement

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